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oh, right…

  • On Tuesday, I washed all the windows in the house.
  • On Wednesday, the pollen trees sneezed on all my clean windows.
  • On Thursday, there was a storm. With hail.

Now I remember why I hate housework.

Song du jour of the day: Fairytale, by Alexander Rybak, for Norway.

look over there! sheep!

I’m sorry, I have so many things competing for my attention right now, I just can’t take the time to write the way I want to, and I’m miffed with myself for my last few, distinctly substandard posts. Instead, go see what great things a bunch of guys with a lot of talent and a little spare time can get up to.

first day homeschooling

Only partially homeschooling, though. I’m teaching the Sniglet English using British wourkbouks, labour flavour colour whatevour, and I’m teaching Ignatz Greek, using a Dutch textbook. That’s all. One subject per child. How hard can it be?

Pfft. Yeah, right. Nate says “homeschooling definitely teaches you how smart your kids are.” I say “homeschooling teaches you how much your kids hate you and everything you stand for.” Continue reading

two Dutch schools

This is what I wrote at the beginning of last month, after talking to the Christelijk Gymnasium’s um. Afdelingsleider. Admissions-guy. Oo, losing my English, bad sign. Anyway:

he said probably third-year, but the third-years are taking their second year of Greek already, so Ignatz should probably join the second-year class. He might be a bit ahead in some other subjects, but since he still has to learn Dutch, I personally think that’d be a good thing. So does DrBob.

Continue reading

mumble mumble

We are back, have been for awhile, and I wrote a really long post full of trivial blahblah, and then deleted it because it was boring. I’m not feeling writey today.

The trip went well. I will be back with details as soon as I can figure out which ones are important.

Song du jour of the day: a song about which there is nothing to say. It’s just there. La teva decisió, by Susanne Georgi for Andorra.

off we go

Ignatz and I are flying up to Utrecht this evening. He’ll go to school on Tuesday with the son of one of DrBob’s colleagues, and then have an interview with someone from that school at 5. Another interview at another school on Wednesday morning, and then Thursday morning we have an appointment to drive around and look at houses. Thursday night we fly back home.

That’s a lot of stuff to pack into three days. I should plan longer trips. Continue reading

all, then nothing

Ignatz and I are going to Utrecht to check out schools this coming week, and the Sniglet will stay with the grandparents. he doesn’t want to go with us, but I still feel guilty about leaving him, so I let him invite two friends to stay overnight last night. Yes, I voluntarily allowed 3 8-year-old boys to occupy my house for about 18 hours. Guilt makes me insane, apparently. Continue reading