Monthly Archives: February 2020

About a Cat

But first: today is the 26th anniversary of the day Husbutt and I met. I have had a surprisingly good day, considering. I hope this energy persists.

Anyway, as promised: a tale of a cat.

For some reason, Thing Two and I decided we needed more cats. Well, for the reason that this house is huge with many delightful hidey-holes and a big field nearby, so basically kitty heaven. Anyway, I went to the shelter website and saw this little face: Continue reading

Blogging in my mind

So this is my life right now: I spend the week in Heidelberg, working late and either staying in an AirBnB and by 9pm I’m dying of the bored but it’s too early to go to bed, or staying with friends and then by 9pm I’ve been people-ing for twelve hours kill me now. And then on weekends I’m in this giant house full of boxes and dust and there’s so much to do and organize and unpack and I can’t even keep up with the dishes oh look it’s Monday again time to go back to Heidelberg! So that’s a little stressful. Continue reading