Monthly Archives: July 2010


That is, back from Spain. Back in Jagenau. Not back home in Utrecht yet.

We spent a week in Nerja, on the south coast. A week in Andalucia in July is very very hot and bright. We stayed here and it was really nice, a whole house just to live in and hide in during the really hot part of the day. And there were flowers everywhere. Continue reading

so, you think you can dance? well, HA!

DrBob’s gym is right nearby. Like, 5 minutes away. He’s thinking of switching, he hates the showers. I couldn’t care less since I shower at home, but he always showers at the gym. It may have something to do with the way his eyebrows fall off every time we get another water bill? I wouldn’t know, I never look at the water bill.

Anyway. Continue reading