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Full House

Right! So… but… yeah. Um, we have internet, YAAAY! We have a houseguest as well, also yay, though she headed off with the bus pass about 7 hours ago, and it’s about 20 minutes til 8, which is when we said we’d have dinner, which she volunteered to cook, and here she… isn’t. Is it time to worry yet?

This is a(nother) colleague of Robert’s, not one of the three who’ve already visited, she showed up Sunday. A friend of mine from Utrecht was also here over the weekend, that was a lot of fun. We went to Stitch’n’Bitch and he applied his social skills and made a buncha new friends for me. So generous!

So that’s, what, six different people we’ve had come stay this month, so we could show them this view:



So who’s next?

Song du jour of the day: Give Me One Reason, by Tracy Chapman. Apropos of nothing, I just love her a whole lot.

What Certain Neighbors Needed a Crane For

… moving house. Because why NOT block the street for a whole day? moving

Also? They were Americans. Thanks for perpetuating the stereotype, ex-neighbors! Continue reading

What Happened On Monday

As you’ll no doubt recall, people were going to come and fix the internet on Monday. Well, some guys showed up, with a white van and a little digger on a teensy trailer (cute!) and made noises about how difficult it was going to be but they’d try – to connect our garage. Yes, their brief was to find the boss-cable under the sidewalk, connect some new cable, and run it across the street and into our garage. We’d then have to get an electrician to come and connect the garage-cable to the house, they wouldn’t know anything about that. SIGH. Continue reading

What Came After

Moving in was a bit less stressful than moving out, aside from the internet thing (by the bye, a Voice on the Phone says that people will come to break ground for our cables Monday morning at 8. We shall see if it actually happens).

As you can see, possessions were a tad sparse for a bit there…

Prioritehz - we haz them

Prioritehz – we haz them

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Moving Day Retrospective

15 May – the appointed day dawned murky and threatening, which I suppose is what you want for an epic endeavor like an international move, right?


The movers had said they’d be there at 8, traffic permitting, which means “around 10 but you should have pants on by 8 just in case,” a hardship for nightbirds like us. We locked Lilu in the backyard so she couldn’t escape, which meant the movers couldn’t use the back door so we had to unload the Evil Shed, which is why the living room was full of tires and gardening equipment. I’m sure the movers were very impressed (cough *whitetrash* cough).




Based on the spreadsheet we sent them, they thought this truck would hold all our worldly possessions. It sort of did, on the principle of “throw it in the truck and shut the door real fast.” The giant potted palm tree is still in a snit about that. Continue reading