Monthly Archives: June 2013

fun with mental blocks

OF COURSE after nearly a month’s absence I’m back and can’t think of anything to say. Seattle is still Seattle (mostly, though they sure let in a lot of asshole drivers since I moved away), Ig’s graduation made the local news, the in-laws’ visit is just a vague blur in my memory, thank you jet-lag, and the weather was hot and sunny in HD but turned to crap pretty much the minute I got back (“I don’t know how you do it,” says DrBob). Continue reading

It starts to look like a conspiracy

So I’m at Star Coffee, with its free WLAN if you buy something, and I managed to fire off one email before the connection died. Could happen to anyone, yeah, except the same thing happened a few days ago at their other branch. Why am I schlepping my computer to internet cafés, well, because the router died at the house a few days after we moved in. It’s in the landlord’s apartment and he promised to send us a key so we could reboot it, but it’s been over a week and the key hasn’t arrived yet. We called, he sent it, so clearly the Deutsche Post is in on the conspiracy as well. Kabel BW will come dig up the street and lay some cable for us, but they didn’t say exactly when, only that we’d be hearing from them. We haven’t heard from them. Continue reading