Monthly Archives: January 2011

game. weekend.

Well, the Seahawks faced the Bears in Chicago and wound up sucking sod, and even wearing my Jim Zorn jersey didn’t help. Actually, in the last few minutes they pulled it together so their loss wasn’t completely humiliating, and hey, there’s a certain distinction to being the worst team ever to make the playoffs. I’ll take it. Was much amused by DrBob confusing Hasselbeck with Hasselhoff (WARNING: do NOT click that link unless you were planning to bleach your eyeballs tonight anyway).

This is not to say that DrBob watched the game with me, exactly. Well, sort of. I watched it alone on my laptop, while he watched it on his laptop in his parents’ kitchen and we google-chatted through it. Technology and the modern marriage…

So this was my first working-single-mom stint in awhile – oh no wait, while he was at that conference in Spain I went to that meeting in Paris, didn’t I? Wow, am I a rotten mother. Anyway, they survived, the cat survived, Ignatz actually made dinner all by himself and the Sniglet actually ate it. Not sure which is more amazing.

Anyhoo, no news, just… still here. Working. Not freezing, thank you Netherlands, though here’s a tiny hint: traffic lights are NOT supposed to be optional. Say it with me: “Netherlands. Not Naples.” Thank you.

Song du jour of the day: Kate Nash, Early Christmas Present, for this line: How could your best friend’s ex-girlfriend’s younger sister’s mate know before I did?


I’m pretty sure he knows all the usual English words, but somehow their meaning seems to change between my speaking them and his “hearing” them. Every night I say “go to bed,” and he heads for the kitchen and fixes himself a snack. Every. Single. Time.

Hm. I wonder which combination of words he would interpret as “go to bed.”

It is a mystery.

Song du jour of the day: C’mon (Catch ‘Em By Surprise) by Tiësto vs. Diplo ft. Busta Rhymes.

(ahem) Yay!

I stayed up till 2 a.m. to watch this with DrBob… well it’s more accurate to say that he stayed up to watch it with me, but whatever. Fun was had.

Song du jour of the day is here, but please replace the chorus with the following lyrics:

We beat the champions,
WEEEE beat the chaaaampions,
Yoooooou called us looooooooosers
But we beat the champions…