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Het Kerkhof(boek?)

15 April 2010 –
The Graveyard Book (except I’m reading it in Dutch), by Neil Gaiman

So I thought that reading kids’ books might help with my Dutch, and I read two… or three… or two and a half or maybe two and two halves, I can’t remember, but the thing was, I couldn’t bring myself to care about any of them. There are good children’s books, I know there are, but too many authors (and publishers) (in any language) write for kids without really respecting them, which is too bad. So the good books are few and far between.

And books for grown-ups, well, there are just too many of those, and you never know what you’re going to get; you can certainly find simple writing or limited vocabulary, but you can’t really expect them.

But I found the YA section at the library. And a book I haven’t read yet by an author I already know I like. Things are looking up.

Song du jour of the day: Allez Ola Olé, by Jessy Matador.

all I need

Today I went to a knitting group. That met in a library. With a café.

Knitting, books, and coffee. I really cannot imagine how this morning could have been better. Swooooon!

Song du jour of the day: It Must Be Love, by Madness.

raising ’em right

Today, Ignatz said: “Grammar nazi. That’s the crappiest excuse for being stupid I’ve ever heard.” HA! Love that kid.

another reason to heart the schools here… sort of

HUGE DRAMATIC SIGH. Apparently I have two of them: two offspring who think that homework is for lesser mortals, and so they just don’t do it. I had rather hoped the Sniglet would have a little more ambition than his big brother, but no. I had rather hoped they would not bring this less-charming aspect of their personalities to the Netherlands with them, but forsooth. Continue reading

and we liked it that way!

I had one of Those Dads: whenever we complained about something he’d whip out the “when I was your age” speech about how he had to walk to school barefoot every day of the year in waist-high snow uphill both ways.

Apparent non-sequitur: I had a bike in Germany, but didn’t ride it much because both of the houses we lived in were on fairly steep hills, so every journey began with a hair-raising downhill screech, and ended with me huffing and puffing and pushing the bike up the hill, meh. I was really keen on moving here where it’s all flat and bike riding is easy. Continue reading