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so, you think you can dance? well, HA!

DrBob’s gym is right nearby. Like, 5 minutes away. He’s thinking of switching, he hates the showers. I couldn’t care less since I shower at home, but he always showers at the gym. It may have something to do with the way his eyebrows fall off every time we get another water bill? I wouldn’t know, I never look at the water bill.

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this is what happens…

…when you let men into your kitchen.

(a tragedy in two acts)

Our wonderful friend Nigel came to visit for a week in December, and that was very fun and also a nice break for me because he took on the task of washing the dishes while he was here (we still don’t have a dishwasher). Which was so very helpful and wonderful that I considered asking him to stay permanently, but, tragically, he also has other friends. He may also have said something about a family…

Okay, okay, I’m KIDDING! Anyway, he couldn’t stay. But before he left, I made something for dinner that involved my imported-from-America-because-Europeans-Just-Don’t-Get-It cast-iron skillet. I should have washed it before I went to bed, I know that, I don’t know why I didn’t, but yeah. I didn’t.

So Nigel did. He was very careful not to use the scratchy-plastic side of the sponge (um. It is cast-iron. You could scrub it with a pitchfork, and it wouldn’t mind.), but he sure got all that nasty grease out (there should be an eye-rolling emoticon).

And then DrBob came in and said uh-oh, oh dear, no! You have to oil it! Because, some five years ago now, he’d seen me season the pan (coat it with vegetable oil, inside and out, put it in a hot oven for awhile) and somehow he remembered that you should leave a puddle of some kind of oil in the pan (it looks like he used olive oil…), and set it on the stove for… however long. What he didn’t remember? Was to turn off the stove. I found it when I got up at seven the next morning, the tiniest of blue flames under my beloved skillet. And inside?

Well, the center was completely dry and devoid of any evidence that it had ever held moisture of any kind – a bit like the planet Mercury – and around the outer edge was… um… hm. I think DrBob may have invented a new adhesive. Perhaps we should contact NASA.

Does anybody know how to salvage this? Actually, I’m not sure it’s even worth a try, since it’s really too small for a family of four, especially one that contains a 15-year-old and is thus, for feeding purposes, a family of six.

Song du jour of the day: Sweet Home Alabama, by Lynyrd Skynyrd

a thing I missed…

… living in the suburbs for eight years, was movies. Yeah, our town didn’t have a movie theater. They could have four grocery stores at the same end of town, but no movie theater, thanks a lot people. So I know it sounds trivial, but I really did want to live somewhere where I could go to the movies without having to spend more time traveling to and from the cinema than I spent in it.

That said, have I been to the movies once since we moved here? Nope. I missed the 6th Harry Potter movie (actually I’m really ambivalent about the movies, but I still think I should see them all). I couldn’t convince the Sniglet to go see Up with me – what can I say, he’s a strange child.

But Where the Wild Things Are. I can’t wait. But I’m trying not to get so excited that the movie will be a letdown. But zomg zomg zomg, that and Jabberwocky are the only things I can recite off the top of my head even half asleep or mostly drunk. Oh, and the preamble to the United States Constitution, thank you Schoolhouse Rock. But I digress.

I totally pink-puffy-sparkly HEART the book. I’m a little bummed that it’s Warner Brothers doing the movie, because now if I recite a line or two of the story to my kids at a bus stop I’ll probably get sued, and actually I hate WB for doing that to most of the things I really like, but of course I have to forgive them because I can’t NOT see this movie.

I wonder when it’ll get here.

Song du jour of the day: you know, I haven’t been very musicky lately. The last time I bought new music was… was… um… I can’t remember that far back. So here’s a blast from my long-ago past: One Was Johnny, by Really Rosie.

Damn, I’m old.

look over there! sheep!

I’m sorry, I have so many things competing for my attention right now, I just can’t take the time to write the way I want to, and I’m miffed with myself for my last few, distinctly substandard posts. Instead, go see what great things a bunch of guys with a lot of talent and a little spare time can get up to.

I fall behind

120 unread messages in my Gmail inbox, 35 notifications on Facebook, 56 unlistened-to podcasts, and 738 unread items in my Google Reader. And no knitting at all until today. Admittedly, I wasn’t exactly on top of things before I got sick, but still, not a bad accumulation for a week in bed, eh?

Unfortunately, the numbers are all so big, every time I sit down to try and deal with some of them, I get intimidated and wander off. I’d take it as a favor if somebody in the comments would admit to having this problem sometimes too. Most of my people are so danged efficient.

Song du jour of the day: 32 Flavors, by Ani di Franco.


Whoa. I was kinda tired after typing that last post on Monday, and also the teeniest bit nauseous, so I went to bed… and got up on Thursday. Evening.

I did rouse the kids for school and tell them they’d have to take care of themselves, pretty much, but then I staggered right back to bed (actually, I had to take breaks. Climb a flight of stairs, lie on the couch for 15 minutes. Climb another flight, lie on another couch). Continue reading

human again

So remember I mentioned that my long-term memory is kind of weak, and if something happened more than ten days ago, then it might as well have happened to someone else? So now it’s been more than ten days since I got sick, and this evening I’m feeling very, very strange. Like, I can climb a whole flight of stairs (split level: 1 flight = 7 steps) without having to sit down and rest at the top, what is up with that? And I haven’t had to lie down for six whole hours! Weird. I feel sort of abnormally alert, but I can’t tell if I’m delirious and overcaffeinated, or if this is what not-sick feels like. It’s been so long, ooo ten whole days, that I’ve forgotten.

Song du jour of the day: Human Again, from Beauty and the Beast.

chop wood, carry water

Um, I’m coughing a bit less today. And… I did some housework, and… talked to my kids some. And the cats are still here, being cats, and we all keep on keeping on, and every day is like the one before, pretty much. I’ll let you know if anything happens here, or if I come up with an opinion about something that happened elsewhere. Or something.

Song du jour of the day: It’s Only a Paper Moon. Couldn’t find Ella Fitzgerald singing it on YouTube, so here’s the Natalie Cole version.

the bailout game

This is fun, if you have a few minutes… I only played once, sank the country into a deep recession, and put Paulson and Bernanke on trial for conspiring to spread communism. Not really my intention, and I’m not sure if it always ends that way or what.


I know this is nothing to many of you (Hi Minnesota!), but we are not used to this kind of cold here in Europe. Not anymore, anyway. -12°C on Friday, that’s about 10°F, and I, delicate Pacific flower that I am, am wondering which office to complain to. Do bear in mind that since we’re not used to it, we don’t have the proper gear. If we lived in Minnesota, we would. Continue reading