all, then nothing

Ignatz and I are going to Utrecht to check out schools this coming week, and the Sniglet will stay with the grandparents. he doesn’t want to go with us, but I still feel guilty about leaving him, so I let him invite two friends to stay overnight last night. Yes, I voluntarily allowed 3 8-year-old boys to occupy my house for about 18 hours. Guilt makes me insane, apparently.

Ignatz entertained them quite a lot, for which I was profoundly grateful. But they were LOUD, LOUTISH, and NOISY. Also cacophonous. And mostly enjoyed thwacking eachother with rolled up yoga-mats and shouting. And they went to bed at midnight and were up at seven, thwacking eachother and shouting some more. By the time the guests left, I was thoroughly exhausted and twitching and it was All Too Much, augh.

Now Ignatz is staying overnight at his friend Felix’s, and the Sniglet is with the Oompas, and I am alone with two very quiet cats. I always think solitude would be so nice, and in fact I was really looking forward to a couple of hours of peace and quiet, so I could knit, watch a movie, maybe blog.

Did that. Now I’m bored. And lonely. I want my family back.

Song du jour of the day: I bet you thought I’d forgotten that it’s only a little over a month until EUROVISION! Hah! Not on your life! Don’t worry, I won’t use any of the songs I really hate – no actually that means you should worry, because if I link to a song here, it means I actually liked it, at least a little bit, and you may fear for my sanity.

Let’s kick things off with the Serbian entry, Cipela by Marko Kon & Milaan. No idea what it’s about, but the dude’s hairdo is kickin’. I bet Ignatz’ll like this song.


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