Monthly Archives: July 2012

Oh, right. This thing.

Dang, it’s a mess around here. What the hell is that in the sidebar – the Graveyard Book? In Dutch? That was like 2009! Also I didn’t finish it. I should put up the book I’m currently not finishing, shouldn’t I? Also I should start writing about stuff again. I’ve been planning to for ages. I even had a WordPress app in one of my phones.

I don’t even know where to start, it’s been so long. I think you’re supposed to begin at the beginning, then go to the middle, and from there proceed to the end, but that’s too confusing, I’d rather hop around like a flea on a griddle and leave you all confused.

So where I am right now is back from the Willage, having deposited the Sniglet with the Oompas and brought Ignatz home. I had many many plans for the coming weeks – call the real estate agent, call the painters, start some serious decluttering, get Ig to help me de-junglify the garden, blog the Willage trip (I took photos!) – but this first week was a total wash. I spent every waking hour (and there were not a lot of those) working, staving off migraines, or, having failed the latter, enduring a migraine. Even when the drugs worked (back on the sumatriptan, minor yay) they left me useless, loopy and enervated. Anytime DrBob tried a sentence of more than ten words (yo, he’s a lit professor – he can’t say “pass the salt” in less than that) my eyes would cross and I’d lose track altogether. It was actually easier to communicate with Ig in his Teenage Monogrunt.

Still, I must be near the end, because I can complete a whole thought (though I use a lot of parentheses) without pausing to clutch my face and whimper. So you’ll want to know all about the Willage trip and why I’m calling real estate agents and what I’m Not Reading now! And I’ll tell you!

But not right now. Now I gotta go to bed. Go read this instead, it’s magnificent: Is it difficult to set up your own blog?

Also, of course we can’t forget the song du jour of the day! This is the song the Sniglet’s class did a dance to on the last day of school. Some of those lyrics would give an English-speaking parent pause, but it appears I was the only one present that day: Nikki Minaj, Starships. Also, doesn’t she look a bit like Jennifer Coolidge in that blond wig?