Thanks Amy and Kelly, I wish anybody could help. This is just such an awful situation. After Ignatz and his ADD I’m well and truly used to the judgy-faces awarded the bad mother of a bad child, but Ignatz had good teachers who were on my side and capable of grasping complex ideas. The people I’m dealing with now are… not. The worthlessness of his teacher is established fact. Mrs Robin only put her child in the hospital after DrBob called to say that Robin was not in fact an innocent bystander, as she had initially claimed, and then scuttled in to the principal to tell a story somewhat different than the one she told us. The principal is a credulous, clueless doofus. In my conference with the teacher I said “I need to find a therapist for the Sniglet,” so she took me to the office to get me the phone number and the principal earnestly explained to me that I needed to find a therapist for the Sniglet. Ya don’t say!

I’m sorry that this is all I can talk about. It’s all I can think about. I stay awake till very late brooding, and then when I finally do sleep I dream about it. The anger has faded, as it always does, and left me with something much more like despair.

Song du jour of the day: Helpless, by K.D. Lang. I love that she’s barefoot onstage.


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