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Last night I built a fire in the tile oven for the first time this fall. This made me happy. Fall is a gloomy affair so far, gray and wet and the leaves aren’t doing anything very exciting yet, but at least I can build fires! I love building fires (in a safe place, with wood, to warm a home – not in a scary pyromaniac freak kind of way) and I love that particular kind of warmth. And the crackly sound. And the fact that, if you stuff the oven before you go to bed, the house is still warm in the morning, yay. Next up: knitting sweaters and making soup!

Okay, I don’t care that the weather sucks. I’m happy fall is here.

Song du jour of the day: Sit Down By the Fire, by the Pogues.

language geek

I found this really interesting (although you probably will not), especially this bit:

What’s the predominant language in Europe?
That’s a good question. Here we have to distinguish between reality and political emphasis. In reality, it’s English — American English, not the British form.

I’m thinking of presenting little framed copies of that quote to every one of the English teachers at that dratted school.

Except most of them probably couldn’t read it.

Song du jour of the day: Outsmarted, by the Hives.

yeah, but…

Catherine said,

Aw, man – I would very much like to go on a knitters’ field trip! Too bad I work on weekends. Hmm. Must rectify this.

Well, if you were to come to Europe, you wouldn’t be working, you’d be visiting! And we could hit the fiber fairs. Actually, Ms.B is going to the Knitting and Stitching Show in London – come on out! Continue reading

I’m here

Um, yeah. So we’re in what, week 3 of single motherhood? I think it’s going okay, but I’m too busy to say for sure. I went on a knitters’ field trip, which was great fun, but swallowed up my whole weekend, which is why I had only today to do a translation. And the writers of it tried to think in English while they wrote it, to make my job easier, but I got stuck a few times, and DrBob is unreachable for reasons I may not yet disclose (incidentally? Elemmaciltur mentioned this, and it’s SO TRUE: if you have something going on that you can’t blog about, it’s kind of hard to write about anything at all, which may partly explain my recent reticence). So I was a really rotten mom today because I had to get that done. And tomorrow is… well, the follow-up on the translation, because I’m sure they’ll have questions, plus a meet-up with a local women’s group that I have to go to because I signed up to bring the food, plus DrBob asked if I could get his new class website up by Wednesday – I have the itsiest suspicion that the answer will turn out to be “no,” but I have to try.

Anyway. I don’t have enough attention span to write for real, I’m just sort of sweeping out my brain right now. But remind me to tell you about Ignatz and Christine and the homework stuff. Or about when we had to wash the cat. Oh, and I bought her a collar, because we’re starting to let her out now and I don’t want people to think she’s homeless. But she does not like wearing it, not at all. She was especially ticked off about the bell.

Hee hee.

Song du jour of the day: Little Dysfunk You, by The Ark.

travel, future tense

Ugh, sorry, I have so many posts floating around in my head, but I really really ran out of time. Leaving for Benediktbeuern tomorrow early, back Sunday (hopefully not too-)late, see you then!

Song du jour of the day: There’s No Such Place, by Augie March. My latest favorite.


Avast, ye scurvy sea-dogs! It be Interrrnational Talk Like A Pirate Day, and as always on TLAPD, I’m happy to come up with the vocabulary, but I don’t really have anything to say. September 19th always turns out to be such an ordinary day. Maybe I’ll make the kids watch Muppet Treasure Island with me again.

Song du jour of the day: Talk Like a Pirate Day, by Tom Smith

travel, past tense

All right, well, Corsica was a gazillion years ago, and I’ve forgotten pretty much everything. I know I bought the guidebook well in advance, but didn’t get around to reading it until we were actually there, which is usually a mistake. And I should have found some other books to read. I didn’t even reread this one, which we own, and which should have been a no-brainer. I had to make do with Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell. Which was still okay. Continue reading

Is Nice Nicer?

Or at least preciser?

I admit that I have been remiss in blogging about the fabulous! Corsican! vacation! but part of that is because it took me so long to get the photos out of my camera and into my computer, and I still have to crop and shrink and spiff them and upload them to Flickr, and before I do that I have to think about how much of my husband and kids I want to show on the blog.

A thing, though. Continue reading

they’ve done it to me again

Well, I don’t actually remember reading anywhere that we were supposed to be there at 8, it’s just a given – school has always started at 8. So why, when we got there at 7:57, was everyone else already seated and starting and the teacher had to get someone to show the Sniglet where the coatroom is because the whole class had already been? We were late for the first day of school, and we weren’t even late! There’s always been stuff all the other moms seemed to know, and I didn’t, but the Germans have really raised it to an art form. Oh my god it’s been six years I will never fit in here agh.

First Day of School

Well, the Sniglet had his first day of school today. Yay! It was only 2 hours long, they sat (and we stood) in the school, um… big central room with a stage on it, but not like what you think of as an auditorium, while kids from the older classes did some… stuff. A song to the new students, a little presentation on the alphabet, a sing-along about a mouse, and an interpretive dance-type thing about some storks (later when I asked the Sniglet what he thought of them all, he said only the penguin-thing was interesting. Eh. Stork, penguin, whatever). Continue reading