Monthly Archives: August 2013

What I Did on My Summer Vacation

… is I went to Vienna with DrBob and Secondborn! Firstborn is 18 and we have given him the right to decide whether to go on vacation with us. He declined, this time, and we didn’t push because we really needed someone to water the tomatoes and feed the cat.


We drove, so we were able to stop at Melk Abbey on the way, trés Baroque and recommended by Rick Steves as well as my husband, so you know it’s fancy and historically significant! Also stripy, which is more important, if you ask me. Then we went on to Vienna and our AirBnB apartment. Very nice, would recommend. Continue reading

NPR’s Top 100 Science-Fiction & Fantasy Books

…That Were Not Written For Kids, which you can tell because those would have kids in them, well except for Ender’s Game which is about a kid but made the list anyway but hey we’ll have a YA list too but that’ll be YA fiction in general, not just F/SF which actually? For me is a more valid division – I’d rather read F/SF for kids than, say, tragiporn for any age group (House of Sand and Fog you need to DIE DIE DIE). Continue reading