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I didn’t win! Yay!

Okay, a number of people (and that number is two, but I know the rest of you are thinking it) asked me why I ran for the parent-council-thing if I didn’t want to be on it. And it was partly because, you know, parents should be involved and stuff, and also because every year in Ignatz’s class there have been fewer candidates, until last year there was nobody, and after about two minutes of absolute silence Mrs Lallet said “Oh all right, I’ll do it. Again.” She’s been on the job since they were all first graders. I figured nobody’d want the job, so I should step up.

And that is more or less what I said when it was my turn to introduce myself. And then the other candidates were all sparkly and saying crap like “I served for five years on the kindergarten parent council and it was so much fun!” or “I’ve never done it before but I just love organizing things and I’m so excited about this opportunity!” After that it’s a wonder I got any votes at all, but I did. I got two votes, which is exactly how many votes Jonas’s mom got, and she didn’t even show up at the meeting. I have to wonder what some people were thinking.

So I didn’t win, and I survived another parent-evening. All good.

The shelves are over at the new house, most of them. Tomorrow starts two days of packing and maneuvering furniture up and down stairs and cursing and saying “How the HELL did we accumulate so much effing STUFF!?”

I’m so excited I can hardly contain myself.

Song du jour of the day: Wait for Me, by Hall & Oates. But not just any version, oh no. The live version at the end of Hall & Oates’s Greatest Hits. I know what you’re thinking: Hall & Oates? Greatest Hits? Isn’t that an oxymoron?

No. No it is not.

Back to Life… Back to Re-a-li-ty…

Well, so that was vacation. During the kids’ summer break I wasn’t teaching English (because most of my students have school-age kids), and I took leave from work for August and September, and I was going to get so much done with all that extra time! Only I didn’t, and I can’t even really blame it on my illness. It was laziness and the illusion that I had all the time in the world. So now I still have to finish this database course and move house, only now I have to do it while losing Fridays to my job and teaching English on Wednesdays. This is not going to make things easier, is it? I’m so good at making plans, and so bad at actually doing them.

Or envisioning the consequences. This moving thing… one of the basic elements of my grand plan is to get the shelves over to the new house so we have a place to put the stuff when we take it over. So now all the contents of my kitchen shelf are on the counter and I can’t really use my kitchen. Um, oops? Sensible would be to move the shelves and the stuff over on the same day, but DrBob had to leave for this conference-thing at noon, so we only had time for the first half of the plan today. The second half of the plan is supposed to happen on Saturday, but the number of things we have planned for that day is probably in the high thousands. So we’ll see what actually gets done, eh?

Song du jour of the day: Halloween on the Barbary Coast. By the Flaming Lips.

Is it time to give in to despair yet?

My to-do list today:
clear basement shelves
plan tomorrow’s English lesson
grocery shopping
put together the two wardrobes we got at Ikea yesterday
write Samirah to say Ooo, yes please!
mail stamps to Melanie and Ruby

That doesn’t look impossible, does it, for a day’s work? DrBob and I, together, managed to finish ONE of the Ikea wardrobes (this one). That was it, that was all we accomplished today. Sheesh, we told everyone we’d be out of this house next Sunday, but if every little thing takes an entire day to do? Or longer, since we’ll all be faint with hunger shortly, since I didn’t go grocery shopping and there’s no FOOD! Also, DrBob has a conference to go to, and will be gone from Thursday to Saturday, so I have to do it on my own. Without lifting stuff. Because I am strictly forbidden to have a relapse on the whole pneumonia thing.

I’m so tired.

Song du jour of the day: Little Black Heart, by A-Ha. Don’t try to cheer me up, just cyberslap me and tell me to get the hell over myself.

Moving week – Los geht’s!

Well, Saturday the brother-in-law came over and helped DrBob move some of the heavy stuff to the new house, which was way fun for me – I love watching boys flex their muscles. I spent Saturday putting DrBob’s books in boxes, he spent Sunday taking them out of the boxes and putting them on his shelves (in the new house, that is). In about half an hour we’ll go to Ikea and see how many fights one couple can pack into one day, that’ll be fun. And then tonight some potential renters will come to look at the house (what, already!? I know!), and some more on Tuesday. It’s lovely, our couch is gone so the living room looks huge, and the fifteen or so cardboard boxes provide an excuse for the dust. I managed to get most of the filth removed, but of course I have sons, so that’ll last until they’re home from school.

Anyway, that’s me not blogging, and not even doing much worth blogging about: measuring rooms, putting things in boxes, taking them out of boxes, cleaning, I’m sure you don’t need the grisly details. Wow, did we ever manage to accumulate a lot of stuff in five years! And I’m gonna feel really guilty about throwing so much away, but really, I just can’t keep holding onto all this crap. Did you know I was into rubber stamps as a teenager? And I still have the dratted things? I’ve been trying to think who would want them, and frankly, I’m drawing a blank. I thought of having a Vicki-style potlatch, but the postage to the U.S. would ruin us financially and I don’t have that many friends in Germany. Ugh.

Speaking of friends in Germany, we need a couple big strong guys to help us next Sunday (I’m not supposed to be lifting things yet). We pay in pizza and beer. Any takers?

Song du jour of the day: La Vie Ghetto, by Wyclef Jean.

Oh! AND, I discovered today that one of the kids in the Sniglet’s class lives in our new neighborhood. Fellowmom neighbor, yay! Also, I’m running for the um, parent-council… thingy. What do you call that in English? I’d say wish me luck, except that I really don’t know whether I want to win or lose.

Things I’ve been meaning to tell you…

I had to bail on the 9/11 Mixmania, which made me really, really sad because I put a lot of time into the song lists, and then my computer pooped out on me. Rats, drat, and also darn. So I’m not signing up for the next Mixmania, even though I want to, because I don’t know if I’ll have my computer fixed on time. Well, I probably won’t, because I don’t actually know what’s wrong with it.

But you can! Please? For me? Also for you, because this is a really great group of people and you should get to know them and reading their blogs will make your hair shinier. Go sign up for Jim’s Halloween Mixmania, because it’s way fun and if I can’t do it, it’ll make me happier if you do. It really will.

I am feeling somewhat better, thanks Elemmaciltur for asking. Almost normal, mostly, except for some reason I keep getting drunk, and then there’s the hangover, and it’s always too late when I think “heywaitaminute… wasn’t I supposed to be taking it easy?” But, you know, there’s always a good reason for it. Like, “But the second beer was FREE!”

I know, I know. Gotta stop that.

Apropos of which, yes I had a friend from Back Home visiting, a college friend, which is lovely. You need people who remember what you were like at 19, and love you anyway. And of course she had only a few days here, so we went to Munich yesterday to check out Oktoberfest. We had something like seven hours in the city, so I thought we’d have a beer (a whole liter of beer, which is about a quart to you normal people, with a higher-than-usual (especially if you’re American) alcohol content), look around, and then go see the city. Hah. You sit down at one of those tables, you’re not getting up again until it’s time to get up and dance. On the benches (because the tables are too slippery with spilled beer). Seemed like the most natural thing in the world after the second tank of beer, which was bought for me by someone, and was therefore FREE, so I had to drink it. We sat with a group of lovely Australians and some Toytowners and had um, a lot more fun than you would think you could have, sitting on a hard wooden bench, eating giant pretzels, and singing along with an Oompah band. For seven hours.

After which I put Krystal on the train to Paris, caught my train home, brushed my teeth (probably), and collapsed in bed, only to wake up at 3 a.m. and realize I was still drunk. That part really wasn’t fun at all. Remind me not to drink anymore, okay?

Umm, what else? Oh, we set an Official Moving Date of October 1st (i.e., when the phone and internet and everything are supposed to switch over), and then found out that my big strong brother-in-law couldn’t do it then, howbout this Saturday? Yep, the day after tomorrow, all the heavy stuff goes, so I’m trying to get all the laundry done and clear shelves and, you know, Not Freak Out or anything. Because I distinctly remember planning to do this right, use the time I had to be organized and sensible about moving. What the hell happened? Oh, right, I remember – I was me, instead of someone, you know, organized and sensible. Oops.

Also, the internet people say it’ll take them two weeks to flip the switch, so we’ll be without internet for two weeks. Egad, it makes me woozy just thinking about it.

Okay, I think I’ve talked long enough to lose all but my most dedicated readers.

Song du jour of yesterday: in however-many hours of standing on a bench, swinging a giant beer glass and singing at the top of my lungs in a tent with about 9,000 other people, the only song I can actually remember is Hang on Sloopy, as presented by these charming fellows.

Okay, on my to-do list for tomorrow: grow up.

still here, sort of

Got a houseguest from Back Home today and tomorrow, so blogging, as you may already have noticed, will be pretty light. I’ll get back to you on Thursday. Probably.

Song du jour of the day (more like week, now) is still Tout Est Permis, because it’s Oktoberfest.

about school, mostly

Well, there’s the first week of school, survived. The Sniglet came home from his first day (thursday) disgruntled because he didn’t learn anything, which is such a typically Sniglet thing to say. Heh.

Ignatz is starting Latin and Informatics this year, very exciting. He is under orders to come home and teach me everything he learns.

So both my kids are back in school, yes only now – Bavaria has the latest holidays in Germany, as far as I know. That’s why we take our vacations so late, so we only have to share the road with other Bavarians, and not with all 80 million Germans. The Bavarians alone are bad enough.

So this is good, this school thing, because I can sort of establish routines now. Everything goes out the window during the vacations. But also bad, because I have to go back to work and teaching soon, which will leave me less time to move and finish my class.

Also, we’re moving. Bet you’d forgotten about that, huh? You’d think I’d forgotten too, if you could see how little I’ve done about it. We got the keys, though, and we can go over to the house and grin to ourselves from time to time. I took Mrs Next Door to see it, and she discovered another room that we hadn’t noticed. A little half-room off the attic. Yes, duh, but we’re lucky to have intelligent friends.

What Ignatz said today: Mama? Don’t you think our freezer’s a bit too cold? I think it’s because it has too many popsicles in it.

Finally, the song du jour du jour (because it’s in French!). Tout Est Permis, by Noyau Dur, discovered today via Pandora. I love this! Click the videos link on the Noyau Dur site to see/hear Tout Es Permis.