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There is a Plan

And really, that in itself is a miracle. Part of the problem in moving two kids and a cat to another country with a moving company paid for by DrBob’s employer, while also spiffing up the current house and renting it out, and moving into a house that is being sold because of a divorce and the sellers don’t even have their next living situation sorted out so they really can’t tell us how soon they can be out so we can move in, plus getting two different kids into two different schools, is this: it involves a LOT of people and a LOT of schedules, so any string you pull is going to pull a lot of other strings. Probably ALL of them. So while the plan is undoubtedly imperfect, we can’t fix the broken bits without breaking other bits more. Continue reading

Dear Naomi Klein, Arundhati Roy, and George Monbiot

I agree with you politically, to a certain extent. But just because you wrote a book? Doesn’t mean I want to read 60,000 words every time you sit down at the typewriter. Please acquaint yourself with the difference between a “column” and a “tome.”


like normal people

We went to a soccer game today! Not the big expensive stadium-thing, just a local team – every town has a team, and Jagenau’s actually been doing really well, they’ve hopped up to the next league every couple years lately. And I always felt we should support them and go to games, but of course we never have time, we’re never all home at the same time, and whatever intentions I have at the beginning of each season, it just never seems to work out. Continue reading

quoth the Sniglet

The problem is, most hotels are nice, but they’re in lands where they’re just serving icky food.

what we know about school so far

Those of you following Ignatz’s academic exploits will recall that I was teaching him Greek so he’d be ready for the third year of his new school. Yeah, that didn’t work out. About three chapters in, he decided it was too much work and he’d rather go into the second year, and take an extra year of school in order to save himself a bit of effort right now (so completely typical). I stuck it out for another three chapters, but gargh. We fought about it every day, and eventually I just tabled it – we let the school know that Year 2 would be better, and I was waiting to see how that would work out before I brought up the Greek thing again. We just heard from them. He got a spot in Year 2, in the school that we bought a house near (they have two schools in the city). Exactly what we wanted, in other words, so now I don’t have to teach him Greek. Huzzah!

I still have to teach him French, though. Continue reading

circle round

So for my particular situation, that is, non-EU citizen with a permanent residence and work visa and married to an EU citizen, moving to the Netherlands is not Kafka-impossible. You have to live there first, and then you register with the city, and then you take your registration to the immigration office and apply for a residence permit. That usually takes three months, but you get a “pending” sticker in your passport, so you can go ahead with the other stuff like getting a doctor and looking for work. It’s not normally a closed circle.

Unless the bank and the University decide to make it so. Continue reading

on the road again, and again, and again…

I took Ignatz to the train station Saturday to go to his Dutch lesson and then on to Munich to visit Georg. We saw his 6th-grade Physics and Gym teacher on the platform. Once we were out of earshot, Ig muttered “huh. I thought teachers slept in coffins on weekends.”

Anyway. Continue reading

we bought a(nother) house!

Yeah, that one. The one I emailed you the link to (or will, if I have your email address). The other one that DrBob was going to look at today? Yeah, the owners said no, they don’t want to start showing it until next month. Oooookay… decision made, then! We are buying a house where wisteria grows over the front door! How happy is that!? (I love wisteria.) And the sellers know we have kids and a date with the first day of school (August 23rd for the Sniglet, boy is he going to howl when he finds out), and they’ll try to move out in time if they can. DrBob signs the contract on Thursday, and I suppose I’ll sign it… whenever I find myself in the same room with it.

Next step: call the mortgage broker! And the moving company! And figure out how we’re going to fit all our stuff in 25% less space than we have now. Oog. Well, I’m sure we’ll work it out somehow.

Song du jour of the day: Besonderer Tag, by Culcha Candela.

so we drove to Utrecht…

… and it was kind of like a mini-vacation, and actually sort of fun! We stopped in Aachen, which I’ve been wanting to see since I moved to Germany, and ZOMG y’all, you should check out the cathedral even if you are NOT a complete sucker for mosaics like I am, but if you are a complete sucker for mosaics then you will say WOW. Several times. Continue reading