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The Blue Screen of Death! Oh noes! From one minute to the next, my computer was fine and then it was not. We took it to the shop and they said they have to send it in to HP because the problem is too serious for them to deal with. Ack. So in a week or so I’ll find out how much it costs to fix, and then I’ll have to wait for that to be done.

I could use my old computer, or DrBob’s old computer, or DrBob’s new computer, which is what I’m actually using – since he’ll be in transit a lot, he bought this eensy-weensy laptop (ha! spell-check accepts weensy, but not eensy), which I can use until he goes to Utrecht. And I do use it to check email once a day, and right now to let you know that I’m going on semi-hiatus, but it’s tiny and makes me squint and produce too many typos, and besides: I really do need to take a break.

On Thursday I got the Sniglet’s bedroom floor clear and his sheets changed, organized the living room so that it’s now ready for the move (the challenge will be keeping it that way) and got caught up on the laundry. Today I reorganized my whole yarn stash and washed all the kids’ winter things. I’m getting stuff DONE, now that I don’t sit at a computer all day, and that is very, very good. So I am going to see this setback as an opportunity. I’ll still check email and ravelry every day, so you can reach me if you need to, but otherwise, I’ll be out indulging my inner clean-freak. I’ll miss you, but seriously, this tiny screen makes me crazy. And I’ll be back.

Song du jour of the day: Say A Little Prayer, by Aretha Franklin

two wrongs make it right

So Anya said she’d take the kittens, confirmed that she really did want them, then asked me to hold onto them a week longer than I wanted to, then cancelled, well past the last minute. So I called my backup, Yvonne. I’d liked her much better than Anya from the start, but Anya got there first, and I felt I had to be a grown-up about it (and look where that got me). Anyway, Yvonne had looked elsewhere for kittens, and had reached an agreement with someone who turned out to be as selfish and irresponsible as Anya. As we were both left in the lurch by bimbos, I got to give her my kittens anyway, so that worked out nicely. Though it would have worked out nicely-er without the aggravation. Continue reading

consider me crunched

Whoo. Okay, crunch time at work is over, for me. My co-workers have another two weeks of ripping their hair out (so if you pray or light candles or whatever, point that in their direction please, because my brain is fried to a crispy golden brown, so I can only imagine what state they’ll be in by August 1st), but I am technically free. Free to do all the stuff I put off because I was up to my ears in work. Yay! Probably. Continue reading


LOVED Act II of Dr. Horrible, so did Ignatz. The Sniglet, well, I think maybe seven is a tad too young for “the hammer is my penis.” But this is awesome! The whole internet-musical about a low-rent villain protagonist and hero antagonist is awe! some! Drink!*

*You should drink whenever I say “awesome.” I ripped this off from Will Write For Wine. I think it is an excellent idea, not because I want to say awesome less, but because I think you should drink more. You’re welcome!

News: DrBob is safe home from Poland. He had a good time. Yay. Also, even though he is about to be the administrative head of a Spanish Department in a highly-regarded and high-ranking university, other academics still frequently mistake him for a student, even when his tattoos aren’t showing. I think this is hilarious.

Song du jour of the day: Neil and Felicia’s duet at the beginning of Act II. Total song virus, and a fantastic look at two very different aspects of being in love.


SO this morning I bounded out of bed, caroling “IT’S TUESDAY!” and scaring the cats, hustled the kids out the door (I’m pretty sure I let them get dressed first) and sat down to watch Act One of Doctor Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog, all scampery and excited, and…

not available outside the U.S.

Continue reading

and then there were four

So Michael and Marlon went to their new home on Friday, and we’re down to Jackie and Jermaine. Jermaine has us all trained to feed her icky wet cat food now, and she’s growing well and showing some energy. We’d like her to switch to crunchies, but we suspect she’s too much of a mini-diva to lower herself like that. Well, next weekend it’ll be someone else’s problem.

They are darling dears, but I am ready to go back to having our original two cats. The cat pee smell is driving me crazy. I would very much have liked to spend this weekend scrubbing the entire house with bleach, but I couldn’t – there’s too much work on my to-do list, and besides, as long as the kittens are here they’ll just re-pee everything I clean, so there’s not much point. Also, it’s raining and raining, and our dryer is broken, so the cat-pee laundry is mounting. Bleah.

Tomorrow I get up at 6 a.m. to take MrHusband to the airport. Conference in Poland, five days. I feel myself falling back into that mindset, where I lose track of the long view because my mind is full of little things that need to get done in the next few days. Well. The things will get done. The kittens will move out, the house will get clean*, we will go to Utrecht for a lovely vacation in August. I just need to be patient.

*I am seriously considering removing the baseboards so I can scrub underneath them. I may need someone to talk me down.

Song du jour of the day: Feist, We’re All in the Dance, h/t to Laume for that one.

P.S. Interview with Joss Whedon here.

…singing is the universal language, along with being on fire.

let’s not do this again soon.

Today it was Lilu’s turn to get fixed, so she wasn’t allowed to have food all day, so I had to lock her in my office. But the kittens needed the litter box downstairs, so she used… a corner. For her diarrhea. Ew. Wash hands wash hands wash hands.

At 3 we took her down to the vet. He said to come back in an hour, so since we had time to kill, we went to check out the new car wash. It’s cool, there’s this water-wand thing, and you put your token in the machine and push all these buttons to get different substances blasted at your car at different pressures. DrBob handled the water-wand aspect of things (because when I tried it I nearly blasted myself across the lot). I put coins in the machine and pushed buttons. We got a little damp. End fun interlude. Continue reading


I’m a really bad housewife. I’m basically a helpless clean-freak – I will never, ever get this place as clean as I want it (you should be able to perform surgery on any surface in my house, dammit), so I usually don’t try. Well, I do try, but then I spend half an hour making sure all the spoons in the silverware drawer face the right way because if they don’t my eye will twitch FOREVER. Yes, I did do that today. (Hey, at least I wasn’t ironing dish towels – that’s for next weekend.) No, it doesn’t help to shut the drawer because I WILL STILL KNOW. Because of my focus problems, it’s hard to find the motivation to get started, so a lot doesn’t get done. Continue reading

Ignatz and cat update, and two birthdays

Ignatz woke up this morning with gum on his face. Old gum, from yesterday. I didn’t ask why he waited until this morning to try to remove it (attention parents: peanut butter works) – after thirteen years, you realize just how much you don’t really need to know. Ick.

He had a tae kwon do tournament today, and came home with a new green belt and a second-place trophy. Yay! Continue reading