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well, that was fun

I left work early today to go watch the Germany-Argentina game in an apartment full of noisy soccer fans. I got a front-row seat and it was hella fun, but also very stressful, but also very joyful when Germany finally won. And also very, very loud. This is a day (and there are not very many of them, honestly) when being into sports is a Good Thing, and makes up for all those days when you kick things and say, “I hate soccer ( / football / basketball / hockey / rugby / whatever).” Now people are driving around and honking and blowing whistles and waving flags and I’m enjoying the euphoria.

Bittersweet, though, because Italy slaughtered Ukraine, 3-0. Ouch. And lest you wonder about my soccer loyalties, well, Ukraine is a newcomer, this is the first time that they even qualified for a major soccer tournament, and I’m totally impressed that they got this far. Also, I like underdogs, and now Portugal is the only one left in the running.

Also? Italy is a beautiful country, fantastic culture, food, art and architecture, but watching them play soccer is like watching a dogfight. They play dirty: They hurt people and act all bewildered and victim-y when they get caught. They run into (or trip over) an opponent and then fall over howling and clutching a shin, to try to get the other guy in trouble. That’s how they beat Australia, you can see in the replays that Neill didn’t tackle Grosso. Grosso took a dive, the ref bought it, and awarded Italy the penalty shot that won the game. That is both lame and sucky, and I want them to lose because I don’t like the way they play. And as if that weren’t enough, their jerseys this year! Pre-installed pitstains! Oh my God! And the numbers? Yes, you saw that right: shiny gold stuff. Ew. I’m sorry Samirah, but violence + whininess + fashion crime = Bad soccer.


There’s loads of stuff I should be writing about, but it’s late and I need my beauty sleep (snork). So instead I’m going to steal a fantastic idea from Catherine, who I’m beginning to suspect may be some kind of genius, and give you a review of the movie I saw this evening. In haiku.

American Dreamz:
Monument to bad taste? Yes…
Pretty funny, though.

what have I done to deserve this?

Ignatz just got home from camp, yay! We missed him, though I have to say it was extremely convenient, when we had to leave for the hospital at 7 yesterday, not to have to leave him to get himself ready for school and all that. Fantastic timing, eh?

Anyway. Upon arrival, he scampered up to me and said “close your eyes and open your mouth!”

I radiated skepticism.

He said, “It’s a surprise, but I think you’ll like it.”

I said, “What if I don’t like it?”

He said, “Then it’ll build character.”

everything okay

Well, the surgery went fine, no hitches except for the inconvenient kind – why, if they weren’t going to see him until 9, did they tell us to come in at 7:45? I hate that. But nothing important went wrong. The Sniglet was scared and shaking when we went in for the anesthesia, but he was very brave about it all, no freakouts or anything, and now the problem is the same one we had last time: there is really no way to get such a busy little monkey to “take it easy for a few days,” per doctor’s orders. He’s already all over the place. Totally bummed that he has to miss the kindergarten soccer tournament this Friday. While we were still at the hospital he leapt out of bed before his legs were really functioning and went kerflump. Fifteen minutes later he wanted to try again.

He is so his father’s son. DrBob taught an evening class the same day he had knee surgery. Bonkers, both of them.

Anyway. I’m hugely relieved, even though I’ve been through this before and knew intellectually that there was nothing to worry about. Maybe if I start saying it aloud, this headache I’ve been carrying around for three days will take the hint and go away.

Song du jour of the day: Arctic Monkeys, The View from the Afternoon.

rejoice, mothers of girls

Your offspring’s clothing will usually not be in this state when you pick them up from kindergarten on a sunny day.

The sandals were so wet they made a squelching noise with every step he took. And, when he got home he changed into clean clothes and then headed out with the sidewalk chalk. He is now on his third pair of pants of the day, and lest you think this is some kind of isolated occurrence? I’m afraid not.

More things I forgot

The expatblog part: Germany doesn’t have summer camp, as far as I know. They do have something called uh, Landschulheim? Schullandheim? Um. Something combining the words “school,” “country, in the sense of not-the-city, you know, the boonies,” and “home.” It happens during the school year (why yes, they are still in school, until the end of July – muahahaha) and they go to some campsite with their teachers and go on nature-hikes and I dunno, learn to identify different kinds of trees or something. Ignatz’s class has been doing this every year since second grade, but this is the first time he’s been allowed to go along. The last three times, he always did something stupid and ADD and then was Not Sufficiently Sorry, in the week before the trip was scheduled, and so was excluded from it. So okay there’s your background info.

The momblog part: um, yep, this is another thing that I forgot until the last minute. And the Sniglet’s surgery is tomorrow (the day I’d promised to work but then I had to reschedule for Thursday. Hold onto that thought for a moment), so I’m already a basket case. So I let Ignatz pack for the trip, which was just so smart of me, because now I get to spend the next 2 1/2 days worrying about what he might have forgotten. You may also recall (and if so, yay you! Your memory is way better than mine) that the Sniglet is going to a sort of transitional first grade next year. Good news! And he gets to go in one day this year for a sort of “trial” day, to check out the routine and the space and all. That day is this Thursday. Yep, two days after his surgery. Yes, the day I said I’d work because I can’t Tuesday because whoopsie! My son has surgery that day. Sheesh.

Okay, I didn’t actually schedule this trial-day: there was no time when I looked at my calendar, saw Camp and Surgery listed for this week and said “sure! The 29th would be great!” But I didn’t notice until today that it needed re-scheduling either.

So when I go to buy a house? I want y’all to come take a look before I sign anything, please, so you can point out things I may not have noticed, like, say, a basement full of alligators, or that the roof appears to be missing. Thanks.

Song du jour of the day: R.E.M. Find the River. Dangit, it was here just a minute ago…


WOW, that was one helluva soccer game. 16 yellow cards, 4 red cards, I think it’s a FIFA record. Though Boulahrouz’s first yellow really should have been a red, he totally shouldn’t have gotten away with that kick to Ronaldo’s leg. Anyway, it was definitely a game for hockey fans. Brutal, somewhat hilariously so (DrBob says it’s not a coincidence that this always happens to the Dutch), especially since we wanted Portugal to win and they did. Also? DrBob says I’m crazy, but the referee totally reminds me of the tall blond guy from the Drew Carey show. Lewis, or something like that?

Song du jour of the day: (Everybody was) Kung Fu Fighting… by, well, everyone. Carl Douglas, Wang Chung, Fatboy Slim, Kool & the Gang, and – how could they not? – the Foo Fighters (hi Nate!).