Monthly Archives: October 2009

another reason I may not be able to blog every day:

I get these 3-day headaches. I’m in the middle of one right now. Maybe I should ask the doctor about that during next Friday’s getting-to-knoooooow-yooooouuu appointment (“kennismakingsafsprak”). Or maybe I’ll forget. I always forget what a blessing being healthy is, until I’m not.

Happy Halloween everybody. Bit of a bummer here, we didn’t do anything. Because I have this headache, see…

Song du jour of the day: Thriller, by Michael Jackson! All fourteen minutes of it. Hooo hoo!

I just thought of something…

How can I commit to blog every day when my internet keeps pooping out? KPN did some service-thingy that was supposed to last from midnight to 6 a.m. a couple Tuesdays ago, and we had no internet (and since they go through the same router, also no phone) until the following Monday. Six DAYS, people! It was a time of great frustration, and maybe it is just as well that I couldn’t blog, because I could have gone into great detail about how much I hate KPN, and I wouldn’t want to bore you. But truly, one Very Happy Thing about leaving Germany was not having to deal with Telekomm again, and frankly? KPN’s enough to make me miss them.

I’ve always wanted to live in Spain too, but actually, now that I think of it, people who’ve done it say “Telefónica” in the tone of voice usually reserved for “Margaret Thatcher.” Food for thought…

Anyway. First day without DrBob, mostly home with a sickish child (the Sniglet woke up with a headache, and since they only had a half-day of school scheduled today, I figured what the hell), and I managed to clean the bathroom. God, sometimes my life is so glamorous I can barely stand it. Did I tell you that DrBob is invited to the Peruvian Embassy? For a reception for Mario Vargas Llosa? I am not invited.

Drat it.

Song du jour of the day: Real Wild Child, by Iggy Pop.

some cheese with that whine?

Blogging every day might be hard, because sometimes I get in A Bad Mood, and the thing about my paper journals was I could gritch all I wanted because no one was ever going to read them. Now that I know I have an audience, I feel like I should at least try to be entertaining. And I am in a Bad Mood, because Robert is going to Berlin tomorrow and I am not.


Song du jour of the day: Only Time Will Tell, by Asia. Sorry about the gymnast, it was the 80s.


ptht. skgf. bleah.

No I have NOT blogfaded, I just… it’s just… one thing and another, I guess. I’ve been so frazzled lately I can’t even complete a thought before the next one comes barrelling in. We were without internet for six days awhile back, and even though we have it now, it’s not reliable. I had houseguests and a slight workalanche on the same weekend. The kids flew to Germany by themselves and then came back. There were a couple of birthdays. And I think I mentioned that Mr Husband has job-related travel every other weekend until… um. Thanksgiving, I think. The American one, not the Canadian.

I’ve been too busy to write but I should have made time, because writing is how I cope with the busy. All these things buzz around in my head like flies in a jar even after they’re done, unless I write them out somewhere, so then I feel even busier than I am.

But I’m back. I’m doing NaBloPoMo next month, just to kick my butt back into gear. I appreciate thoughtful writing much more than just blatting something out, but you have to start somewhere. I hope the blatful eventually leads to some thoughtful.

Song du jour of the day: A Glorious Dawn, by Carl Sagan; h/t to David Reidy at Sticks and String.

this will come as a surprise to some of you…

I am LOVING the weather here! I mean yes, the sky is low and gray and I can see from the trees that it’s windy, and every once in awhile it rains a LOT in like two seconds – SPLAT – and then it’s over, and I realize that this is not what people generally think of when you say the words “nice weather.” But it’s WARM. In Bavaria when it looks like that outside, you know it’s cold – that icky damp misery around 41° (5° Celsius, for you foreign types) where a scarf and mittens are kind of overkill but without them the cold creeps into sleeves and collars. And I really really hate being cold. Today, even with the wind and occasional rain (SPLAT!) it isn’t cold and that just makes me so happy!

Song du jour of the day: Innocent When You Dream, by Tom Waits.

It ain’t all bad…

But they want you to think it is. Case in point: the parking situation. Owning a car in any European city is an expensive proposition – they don’t really want you to drive here, so they make it expensive. We understand. We don’t really want to drive here, but we do need the car for long trips and Ikea runs, so we need a place to park it. Continue reading