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What good does a Duce do?

Italians are apparently pleased about their return to fascism, and I’m a little mystified by this. I mean, what’s the appeal? On paper it’s about strength through unity, but if you look at what the fascists actually achieved, it’s more about being a bunch of massive, mud-sucking losers. However weak and effeminate you think democracy makes people, and however evil communism is, we pansy-ass democrats and our commie pals kicked their asses pretty solidly 60 years ago. Of course, they’ve had what, 73 governments in the last 60 years? Maybe they’ve just tried all the other kinds and it’s fascism’s turn again.

Song du jour of the day: Italy’s contribution to Eurovision, which is – oh wait. They dropped out of Eurovision over ten years ago. Wimps.

Food: Split Pea Soup, made from powdered mix. I did mince my own garlic and onions and chop up a bunch of carrots, but I am too lazy even at the best of times to wash legumes, pick out the gravel and discolored bits, soak, blah blah blah. Even more so, now that I need to limit the time I spend standing up.

Incidentally, I’m still sick. I think it may be affecting my mood somewhat.


since Sunday.

Whoo, typing that has worn me out. I gotta go take a nap.

Food: lots of liquids, lots of rest. The dishwasher is full of mugs and spoons.

Song: zzzzzzz…

Later that same day…

Oh my GOD this has been horrid. I slept all day Sunday, with one brief interlude of dressed-and-awake to take DrBob to the airport, and then concentrate fiercely on driving home in a straight line and not perishing in a flaming hunk of twisted steel. Slept all day Monday, despite two kids who also called in sick and then did not behave like sick people at all, at all. I would have punched them both, but I couldn’t focus through the pain. Today was my first day without pain, and oh! My darlings! Do you know what a miracle it is to be pain-free? It was such a fricking miracle that I failed to notice that the fatigue is still on. I leapt joyfully out of bed half an hour early to go to the bakery (down the hill and across the street) for sustenance for my beautiful children, who were going to school today, come hell or high water, and halfway back up the hill I was seriously considering crawling the rest of the way home. EGAD. My brain is awake, so I can’t sleep it off, I just have to sit around and feel steamrollered. And watch TV series on DVD. Lots of Monk (song virus du jour), because Battlestar Galactica is just too emotionally draining in my fragile state. GAGH! This better be over tomorrow.

why do we still need the Humanities?

Because without them, you might find yourself saying something really, really stupid. Jeez.

the other thing holding me back

Lilu is at the waddling stage of pregnancy (though still gleefully terrorizing the local mouse population).’s cats section said when your cat gets close to giving birth, she’ll be unusually snuggly and sleep a lot more. By my guess, she’s due at the end of the first week of May, but she is already snuggly and sleepy (and bashful and grumpy and doc… no wait, those are dwarves, sorry). Continue reading


So the good thing about knowing so far in advance that we’ll be moving is that I will have lots of time to Get Organized (those who know me may now laugh hysterically) and pare down the possessions. We’ll have movers come and pack up for us, and I’ve heard that they will pack and ship your garbage if you leave it lying around. And there are lots of things that we haven’t used in years and really and truly no longer need, like Ignatz’s hockey gear. He quit, what, three years ago? And it’s still sitting in the basement. The hockey club has a store where they will sell your used stuff, but it’s only open for half an hour on occasional Thursdays, and never the Thursday when you drop by to check. Argh. Continue reading

on Frankenfood

For one thing, the “feed the world” rhetoric is a gigantic, lolloping lie – the companies that are doing this are in it for the money, and if the world can’t pay, they’ll cheerfully let it starve: witness practices like suing a farmer when pollen from their GM fields blows over onto and contaminates his crops (Percy Schmeiser is the documented case I know about, and there are conflicting reports on that). I also read somewhere (I wish I could remember to keep tabs on these things so I can cite my sources) that when farmers buy the seeds, they are entitled to keep the plants that grow from them, but any seeds they harvest have to be returned to the company they bought the originals from, so they have to buy new seed every year. The gift that keeps on costing. Continue reading

the Oompahs

Nate said:

but, the oompahs! what about the oompahs?? moving the kids is huge… right? more! need long blog entry on this! spill!

Yeah, the oompas (for those of you who joined us late, that’s my name for Oma + Opa: my in-laws). We have relied heavily on them for the last seven years, and we have never stopped being grateful that we can rely on them so much. We lived with them while we waited for the previous tenants to vacate the house we were about to move into, they are unstinting in their offers of babysitting and taxi services for any or all of us at any time, in addition to the unlimited loan of every kitchen and garden gadget in existence, plus when they bring the hedge-clippers over they usually wind up clipping the hedges for us. They have been just terrific. Continue reading


… are pretty thin on the ground at the moment. There is so much to decide, we haven’t even made a dent in it all. I usually try to attack a large problem by compartmentalizing it, but right now I’m too scrambled even for that. I’ll probably be working it out in this blog, so expect me to be even more unnecessarily verbose than usual.

Amy said:

Oh, congratulations. So an end to the single mama gig, hurray! I hope it goes smoothly with the boys.

Continue reading


The haggling is over, and DrBob has accepted the Utrecht job. I am… relieved, I think. The tension of being undecided was getting hard to contain, especially because I couldn’t talk about it here, and I’m really glad that part’s over. Now the crazy starts, but there are things I can do, useful ways to channel my jitters, so that’s not as bad as the… hanging. We have also pretty much decided to move up there, so that should keep me busy for awhile. Continue reading

people should think more and talk less

A German TV movie about a political prisoner who falls in love with her interrogating officer in the early 1980s drew angry accusations ahead of its screening that it humanized the dreaded East German secret police.
Deutsche Welle

Excuse me, it what? Humanized? As in, made the Stasi seem… human? When in reality they were, what, howler monkeys? Cuttlefish? Continue reading