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this and that

Uh. Yeah. I didn’t blog for awhile there, and there’s a very good reason for that: nothing’s happening. I spend my time sitting under this cat, mostly, knitting Arwen and listening to back issues of Cast-On. But I saw Elemmaciltur yesterday, and he reminded me that I have this here blog thing, and if he can blog while up to his ears in schoolwork, then I certainly can. Okay, he didn’t actually say that, but I sort of heard it anyway. Continue reading

new skill and insane cat

I made a movie with my digital camera! First ever, as you will probably be able to tell. Kelly was a huge help, so h/t to her. Not sure how many more movies I will make, as it seems like I’d have to put more time into learning how to do it right than I really want to invest. On the other hand, it might be a useful skill if I ever have clients who want webpages with embedded video. Well, I’ll keep it in the Kelly-vault, which is where about half my skillset resides: I don’t know how to do x, but Kelly does, so if I ever need it, I can ask her.

Umm, WordPress is not letting me include a video in my blog, and I don’t have the patience to figure out how to get around it, so go here to see Lilu the furry berserker in action. If you wish.

Today, while end-tucking Kelly’s socks, I put a yarn snippet on my lap, where Lilu was sitting, and she ATE. IT.

Umm… fiber?

Song du jour of the day: Como Tudo Começou, by Rui Bandeira, because bwahahahaha! I’m sorry, I shouldn’t laugh because he’s not trying to be funny, but… BAAAhahahahaha!


Face ache from laughing so hard. Ow.

Also, I should pimp my friend’s podcast, because it is both new and very entertaining. Check it out, y’all.

you can’t run from your knitting destiny

Okay, Arwen’s progress is being tracked on the Arwen KAL blog, and the latest photo is up on flickr, if you’re interested.

I finished the Caspian Sea Socks, as you may recall. They seemed a bit small, but it turns out my SIL has smaller feet than I do, so that should be okay, but there’s another hitch. She says they’re so beautiful she’s afraid to wear them. Sigh. Non-knitters. Continue reading

London the First

… of many trips, I’m sure. And not even the first, really, because how many times have I been to London? I don’t even know anymore. Three? Five? Something like that.

Anyway, here’s the thing: we weren’t there as tourists. I had fun, as I generally do when I get to be alone with my husband and outside of the daily routine, but we didn’t See Stuff. We drove a lot, since we flew into Stansted to save money (that was a mistake, Stansted airport is a dump. The only airport I’ve ever seen that was that ugly was Ushuaia’s, and that was only because they were constructing it around us as we waited for our flight) and had to drive halfway around the city to get to… well, everything. Our friends in Windsor, our temporary flat in Slough, the college in Egham, the flat we’d come to see about renting in Virginia Water… also, we got lost a time or two. And the whole driving-on-the-left thing (and occasionally not driving on the left, to the very great alarm of the other drivers) was um, hair-raising. Continue reading

Nap Attack!

Nap Attack!I know, enough with the catblogging already, but I worked in Munich today, and my brain = fried. Not only did nothing interesting happen, but I’m too cross-eyed right now to make that nothing witty and interesting, like I usually do (shush, you).

Tomorrow, the post on the London trip, such as it was. Today, a picture of my cat, having passed out right in the middle of a bath. Yes, that is a hind leg, slung so casually over her neck.

what the internet really needs…

…is more cat pictures!

I’m afraid I don’t have the time or brain-space to write, but here are the few photos I managed to take today. She basically has two settings: asleep…
LiluSleep1 LiluSleep2

… and awake.

I told me so

… but did I listen? Nooooo…

When we lived in Madison, there was this paved lot that the local fire department covered with water in the winter so it would freeze and we could skate. Ignatz wouldn’t wear the skates, he just trudged around the ice in his sneakers. We did the eyeroll-thing and sighed. Two years later, he aced the ice-skating course in half the allotted time and they let him on the hockey team early. Continue reading

Lilu. Some preliminary observations.

Lilu seems to be settling in. She’s letting her inner warrior out more often, has figured out the stairs, and potty-trained without a hitch. I left her alone a few times today and she didn’t trash the house, which is good. She’s starting to learn that she’s not allowed on the table, but she really, really wants to get up on the kitchen counter. Continue reading

well, it starts with an L, anyway

Well, I went to London, and I took a few pictures, but I left the camera with DrBob so he can take a few more. When he gets home I’ll try to get those up. Unless they suck, of course. And that would be the time to write about the trip. Continue reading