Monthly Archives: November 2010

a gift from Mother Nature…

… for outliving my usefulness as a spawning unit, apparently. Welcome to middle age, howbout a pipe wrench to the head?

Um. I don’t know if I’ve whined incessantly about mentioned this, but I’ve been getting these headaches for a few years now. They start in my right eye and last about three days. Sometimes they migrate to the left eye, sometimes not. Mostly the pain isn’t excruciating, exactly, it’s just oppressively there, ALL the time, so I pretend I don’t have a headache until about 3:00, and then I crash and burn because the effort of ignoring it has worn me out. Advil doesn’t help. Neither does sleep, stretching, exercise, chicken soup, lots of water, whether taken internally (drinking) OR externally (baths), giving up coffee, drinking extra coffee, giving up dairy or meat or refined sugar, or anything else I’ve tried. Continue reading