Monthly Archives: September 2010

a year and a day

We moved to Utrecht on September 1st, 2009, so yesterday was our Utrecht birthday! I bought a cherry vlaai (um, kinda like a pie, but kinda… not) from the local bakery and it wasn’t very good, but oh well. And at dinner I asked everyone “So, how was your year?” and the Sniglet said good! And Ignatz said okay. And DrBob said stressful, so there’s everyone behaving according to type. (Except the Sniglet, Mr. Moodswings McWhiplash, has two types, and that was his type B response, which I like much better than his type A response. So that was okay.)

Me? I’m great. I got a job! And I have friends and a regular knitting group and I joined a gym and I even sometimes go there, and living in a real live city has lived up to its promise for me. I could be doing more, there are bucketloads of cultural events, and maybe I’ll get to one at some point, but I’m never bored, and if I don’t go it’s because I chose not to, not because I can’t get there because the trains don’t go that late or something.

I do miss our old house. And a reason that I haven’t written about the Netherlands much lately is because we keep stumbling into webs of bureaucratic stupidity that… frankly make us wonder how anything ever gets done in the country.

But other than that, things are pretty okay.


Song du jour of the day: It’s Amazing, by Jem.