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an etymology moment from the Sniglet

It’s called “butter” because it makes you have more butt. See, it was just (a) butt, but now it’s butter.

Song du jour of the day: Better, by Regina Spektor.

another kind of hybrid

As I’m sure you’ll recall, we had two cars in OurTown. Gack. I never wanted to be a two-car family, but there was my husband all working in another country, and there was I in the boonies, with groceries to buy across town and kids doing sports in completely different villages than the one we lived in, and we kind of each needed a car. There went the last shred of my environmentalist cred, poof. So I had this utterly adorable little green 2000 Twingo with a sunroof and a cassette player and a motor that may actually have been scavenged from an electric mixer. It was so cute, but when we went up hills I had to make everybody lean forward so we could pick up enough speed. Continue reading

ambivalent in Jagenau

So here we are, back at the in-laws’ house, a house that usually contains two elderly adults and one neurotic cat. Lately it contains four adults and two children (the cat is probably hiding under the house. We are noisy and make a lot of sudden moves). Once when I was here alone the cat did tiptoe in briefly, drawn by the silence I suppose. But then I tripped on the stairs and he bolted. Sorry, cat.

Anyway. When we planned this trip, I thought of my knitting people in Munich and said “let’s stay the whole summer!” Then I thought about how knitting is two evenings a week, and for the rest of it I’d be stuck in the quinto pino, and I said “a week is enough. Maybe less.” Two weeks was our compromise. So some days I go to Treemans and cackle with a bunch of wonderful people and am glad I came. Other days, I sit in the basement and read, or wander around Facebook and wish something would happen.

Today I took the Sniglet to see the Karate Kid remake. 10:30, leave for train station. 10:52, board train. 11:30, arrive Munich East, buy a book, 11:45 board the subway, 12:05 arrive at the cinema, eat nachos drink coffee cool heels for 40 minutes. 12:45 see movie, 3:05 get ice cream, 3:15 go back to train station. Miss 3:19 train by 30 seconds, wait an hour for the 4:19. Arrive OurTown 5:07, stop briefly at grocery store, arrive Jagenau 5:30. Seven hours out, to see a movie. In case you were wondering why I was so keen to leave here.

DrBob leaves tomorrow. I have another five and a half days.

Five and a half days.