Monthly Archives: December 2010

So! Umm…

I’m trying not to blogfade, really I am. But remember when DrBob was working in London and interviewing at Utrecht and I couldn’t say anything about it, but I couldn’t really think about anything else, so I didn’t say much of anything? It’s kind of like that.

Not that there are any major career changes in the works this time – he’s definitely not interviewing anywhere else. But being a Faculty Wife is a lot like being a Political Wife, you have to keep a public persona and watch what you say, so if there were, oh, grant applications or job vacancies or weird office politics or frustrations I wouldn’t be able to put any of that here. Basically, I can’t write about DrBob’s work, and since his work is his life, I can’t write about him at all. Oh, except: some Saturdays he goes and plays indoor soccer with some guys he doesn’t know from work. And they always lose.

Meanwhile, Ignatz went and turned 16, and I don’t actually know a whole lot about his life any more. I suppose he has friends, because he’s gone sometimes. And the Sniglet’s 10, so I think it’s time to let them decide for themselves what information about them should be public.

Plus I have this job, which is both Secret (I know about next year’s new devices and you don’t!) and Boring. Not boring to me, I love it, and now that I have a week off I’m practically climbing the walls. But, you know. “Today I wrote 51 emails. Yesterday it was only 42.” Big whoop, right?

Even my knitting is Top Secret until I can get my latest project test-knitted and published. Which leaves me nothing to blog about but the weather and the cat.

The weather sucks. Lilu is fine.

Song du jour of the day: Heart Still/Beating, by Ottmar Liebert & Luna Negra.