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aaaaand we’re off!

Wish us luck.

Song du jour of the day: Bright Side of the Road, by Van Morrison.


Monday I went to Munich to finish up some work at the office, then hung out and knit…ted? Knat? Whatever. Hung out and drank pretend coffee with Elemmaciltur. That means a day not at home, neither cleaning nor shopping. Continue reading


We went to the uh… oop, doesn’t translate. The Therme, the biggest one in Europe apparently. It means something like hot springs with baths associated, so there’s saunas and whirlpools and all kinds of temperatures of water and massage and sulfur baths and salt water pools and something called “color therapy” and mud you can smear on your face and something Himalayan, whatever the hell that means. It’s ha-yoooge, see? And one section is all water-slides. The kids had a blast, as you can imagine, and it cost a flippin’ fortune so we won’t be going all that often, but still. Today was yet another one of those days that remind me that I live in the best place in the world, and I’d have to be crazy to think of leaving it.

Song du jour of the day: Born at the Right Time, by Paul Simon.

almost perfect day

We went to watch a soccer game today, in DrBob’s hometown, oh, let’s call it Jagenau. The Jagenau team is really doing well, and they were playing for first place in the league today. They tied, so they don’t get to be first, but otherwise, everything was just so nice. The weather was good and lots of people were there and they set up this grill and burn sausages and slabs of meat and for €2.50 (= kind of a lot, but what the hell) they’ll slap one on a bun for you. And you get to sit on the grass right up next to the pitch and and shout and drink beer it’s all just so village-y. We don’t do it nearly often enough, I think we’re um, busy or something. But you know, we really should do it more. We’re lucky to have such a good team so nearby.

I didn’t get any knitting done, though. With soccer, you sort of have to pay attention.

Song du jour of the day: Perfect, by The The.

vacation taking shape

A week from tonight, we stuff the kids in the car at like 2 a.m. (with carsick meds) and drive to Pisa. We’ll check out the Arno, the old town center, the city wall (my thing) and cathedral (DrBob’s thing) and the Leaning Tower (for the Sniglet), maybe find some Etruscan or Roman ruins (for Ignatz), stay a night in this hotel, and then drive to Livorno to board the ferry to Corsica. Continue reading

Apple Chicken

Umm, yes I can share my recipe for apple chicken, but I can’t give you amounts, because I don’t use them. All amounts (for all my recipes) are “whatever seems appropriate” or “what you have to hand.” Continue reading

last of the apples

Well the last of the apples wasn’t enough for a whole pie, so I made Apple Chicken for dinner last night, and an apple-blackberry pie (with blackberries from the garden) that I was going to take over to Christine this morning. Only Ignatz didn’t know about that part of the plan, so he very thoughtfully brought me a slice of pie after dinner. Hmm, what do do now? Take an adulterated pie over, or just keep it? A dilemma.

Song du jour of the day: Suit of Lights, by Elvis Costello


I don’t actually clean very much because I think I don’t have time. I mean, sure, it’d take two minutes to wipe down that counter, but I would get sucked into reorganizing all the items on said counter, cleaning them with windex, emptying the toaster’s crumb-tray, wiping down all the cabinet- and drawer-fronts (which would lead me into cleaning out and reorganizing all the drawers and planning the next week’s menus to use up all the food I find that I can’t remember when I bought it), cleaning the window, scouring the sink and possibly cleaning the oven, and all that is what I don’t have time for. It’s a problem of focus, what I have. Continue reading

another nap attack

I write drafts. They bore me. I delete them. I’m in a rut and have nothing of value to say, so here instead is a photo of my cat who is obviously still a kitten because she hasn’t grown any dignity yet. Yes, she really was sound asleep when I took that picture. She didn’t even twitch when the camera flashed.


lazy reader

I know, I know Neuromancer is a Great Book™, it birthed the cyberpunk genre and was incredibly forward-looking and all that, and I know I should be enjoying it, but um, I’m not. I just can’t bring myself to care about any of the characters. Also, I noticed awhile back that I tend to prefer music made by men, and books made by women? And I don’t really go too deeply into why I like this or that, but here is one tiny little reason why the latter: check out the love-interest in Neuromancer – kickass girl ninja has retractable metal claws, but she still wears high heels and makes the coffee. Continue reading