dramatis personae

Well, there’s me, of course. US-born, foreign-married expat newly-urban mom (after 8 freaking years in the suburbs, it’s a wonder I survived), or mama as we say over here in Forn Parts. I read, very pickily. I knit. I love movies, very unpickily – I like lots of stuff you couldn’t sit through if you were nailed to your chair. And I have strong political opinions that I can’t articulate very well, so I don’t usually put them here. I proofread, make web pages, and translate things from German to English. I worked in marketing for two years before I got restructured out, but mostly I’ve spent the last seventeen years raising sons. That would be more impressive if I had more than two sons…

DrBob is the Foreign Husband, and quite a nice one, as husbands go. Mr Multilingual Academic is lovely, but hard to hold a conversation with – I think too much philosophy is unhealthy. He, obviously, disagrees. He worked in London for a year while we stayed in Bavaria. Then he worked for a year in Utrecht while we stayed in Bavaria. Now, finally, we are all together again, and wondering when the bliss will start.

Thing One. Firstborn son, studying computer science in a nearby city. I like him.

Thing Two. Secondborn, son, in his final year of high school. Wants to be a professional gamer. That’s a thing, right?

Hekate Moonbeam Avelline Starshoulders Spookypants, aka Furfula, a black cat obtained from kitty jail about 4 1/2 years ago. She’s a good cat, suspiciously free of eccentricities. She puts up with ours, though.

Oma + Opa = The Oompas, my in-laws. They worked so much they kind of missed out on their own sons’ childhoods, so they (massively over-)compensated with mine. I have very mixed feelings about this.

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