Monthly Archives: June 2005

good news, bad news

Okay, the good news is we bought a new digital camera today.

The bad news is I really really don’t have time to figure it out until tomor … thur … fri … um, this weekend. Maybe. Argh.

I’m learning to hate being like this. It seems like just last week I had time to enjoy summer and nice weather and friends and general attendant wonderfulness, but today I’m all squashed again. I really do need to think about what commitments I can offload.

life standing still

I talked to Mom last night, and every single bit of news I had she already knew. Because I told her last week.

So that’s it. I am officially boring. But busy. Busy being boring.


Today the Sniglet told me he loves me “up to eleven”. I have no idea where he got this, I swear I haven’t shown him Spinal Tap yet.

I guess it’s time.

fun with mirrors. or not.

The bathroom at the AHF has big mirrors on the facing walls, so you can see yourself infinitely repeated. Every time I’m in there I have an urge to do a Rockette-style kick line. But I don’t, because I know I’d just end up flipping one of my sandals into the toilet.

bad life-lessons

I was a Total Flake. Total. Blah blah JOB stuff, blah blah blogging, houseguests on Sunday, there is no excuse. What I did is I slacked off on the homework and didn’t even start doing the reading until yesterday, didn’t tackle the assignment until about noon today, having made a date to watch Germany vs. Argentina (football/soccer to you non-sports-people) at 9. Bad me. And I still got the assignment done by 8 and had time to tidy the house a bit, though the laundry is still waiting. But what is the message here? “Ya better not leave the homework till the last minute, young lady, cause if ya do…well, you’ll get lots of other stuff done and still be on time with the assignment.” What kind of life lesson is that?

I’ll probably get a D on this assignment. I must have missed something, it can’t have been that easy.

we had visitors…

…so we got the house all clean yesterday. It was nice, for as long as it lasted, but now DrBob’s in Munich and I’m lazy, so it’s all cluttered again. Clean, but not tidy. I’ll, um, pick it all up tomorrow. Yeah.

Our visitors were Helmut and Gabriele and Josef. The Sniglet is still at an age where he’s not too clear on what constitutes a name, so he’s been calling Gabriele “Vanille” (German for vanilla). He’s been telling me things that Vanille said yesterday.

okay, the kittens

I really can’t believe I didn’t write about this before. We almost got kittens! We’ve always wanted a cat (or so), but there was always a reason not to do it, mostly to do with living in no-pets-allowed places. But since we came to Dorfen, the reason is that We Might Be Moving. There’s a lot we don’t do because this might be the year – we only just got one bicycle for me & Robert to share, and I still don’t have a proper bed, and nearly all our furniture has wheels on it. Anyway, the cat was waiting till we settle down. But Kilian loves cats, and it’s good for a kid to have a pet, and he’s 10, fer petesake, his childhood is more than half over and we keep waiting for just the right moment. I know this is stupid, but Robert doesn’t, yet.

So one of the expat community in Munich said her neighbor, a farmer, had some kittens, and was going to ‘dispose’ of them – people here don’t seem to believe in spaying cats, which is hideous and barbaric and a rant for another day – and I really really couldn’t let that happen, and besides. Kilian’s 10. If we want our kid to have a pet while he’s still a kid, we’re running out of time. So but Robert was reallyreally stressed, so I had to pick my moment, work up to it gradually and all that, and of course it wasn’t that hard to convince him, but it took awhile. He really loves cats too, after all, and once I showed him the photo, he was in love.

Right, long story short(er), Katherine found homes for 3 of the 5 kittens, was trying to convince her boyfriend that they should keep one, I was trying to convince her to let me have both of the remaining kittens, and all the while her neighbor’s kid was asking his dad if he could keep them, and getting all boo-boo-faced, and the dad was like NO. So Friday the kid got wise and asked his mother. Remember My Big Fat Greek Wedding, the man is the head of the family, but the woman is the neck. So the kid got the kittens. And we’d already arranged to pick them up Saturday (yesterday) morning, and then like an hour later Katherine calls and says “look, I’m sorry, but…”

So that’s how we almost got some very cute kittens. I was going to name them Arriba and Ándale, so I could stand in the doorway and be Speedy Gonzalez, calling them in. Not that cats ever come when you call, I just wanted to stand in the doorway and yell in Spanish. We are all disappointed. R says we will still get kittens, since we got the kids’ hopes up and all, but I feel like I did on my babies’ due dates: all that build-up, and I know I’ll still get them, but I was supposed to have them now, and I don’t.