What happened next

So after Monday’s mess, Christine suggested I keep the Sniglet home on Tuesday, so he’d get a break from the kids who’d been bugging him. I pondered it, but the after-school group had an Easter party planned for that day, and he was excited about it, so I sent him to school. Turns out, Robin wasn’t there, but the Sniglet did see Robin’s mom heading into the principal’s office. Hm, I thought.

Teachers here have office hours once a week, and Mrs Inert Mass’s hour is today. I thought I’d best talk to her first, and then talk to the school psychologist and possibly the principal after that, so to that end, I went in today. Mrs Inert Mass was… her usual lovely self. She doesn’t believe that Snig was provoked at all, and doesn’t believe that he tried anything else before beating Robin up.

Well isn’t that super.

So I ask about the school psychologist, and lo, the school still doesn’t have one. Just as when Ignatz was having his problems, I have to call this number in Erding and ask for help. When I called about Ignatz, and said we suspect that we have a gifted child with ADD, she laughed like a drain. “A smart kid, but he has ADD, hahahahaha you made a funny!” Guess what his eventual diagnosis was. Go on, guess.

So. Not keen on calling this number. A psychologist who doesn’t know that ADD can coexist with a high IQ is… a bit like a biologist who has never heard of Darwin.

Still, maybe it’s a different person, that was six years ago etc, so I went to the secretary’s office to ask for the number, and the principal called me in to his office for a moment, where I found out what Robin’s mom had been doing yesterday: laying groundwork. Mr Principal told me how my evil beast of a child had launched an unprovoked attack on poor innocent Robin, who is now in the hospital with possible brain damage, and he doesn’t know how to protect the other 200 students from my kid.

Yeah. I’m not sure how much of the stuff about Robin to believe, quite frankly. Mrs Robin didn’t tell us anything about a hospital when we spoke to her on Monday, and you’d think she would have. However, I must concede that the Sniglet didn’t just lose his temper and pop the kid once, it was an extended assault. (Um, isn’t recess supervised? Where were the grown-ups when this was happening?)

So I see two problems here: he’s being provoked and he is completely overreacting. I must and will do something about the overreacting, obviously, and I don’t want you to think I condone this behavior at all. However, I also think the school could be doing something about the provoking part, other than pretending it didn’t happen.

Sigh. There are lots of things I should have said, but I have a long history of doing and saying exactly the wrong thing when I lose my temper, so I figured the best thing to do was say thank you and get out. But I’m so angry, I’m still shaking after three hours.

God, I can’t wait to get out of here.

Song du jour of the day: Main Offender, by The Hives.


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