Monthly Archives: January 2020

Why hello there!

Yeah, sorry, I kinda forgot about this here blog thing. Christmas happened – not much of a Christmas, I roasted a turkey all by myself for the very first time and it was a dry chewy disaster resting on a bed of carbonized carrots and potatoes. The boys and I played board games. No tree. A few presents. No major drama, so let’s call it a win.

And now it’s January. I no longer have the room in the shared house in Heidelberg, so I spend weekends in the Willage and Tuesday through Friday  – well, last week in an AirBnB, this week at a friend’s house in a suburb inconveniently far from work but whatever. There are buses. I got the brakes fixed on my bike. I can’t make or keep resolutions because I don’t have anything on which to build routines, but that’s temporary. I’m keeping my expectations of myself pretty low for now.

But I’m still here. That’s enough, for January.