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Aaaand we’re back

…and DrBob’s gone again! Scampered off to the Deutscher Hispanistentag, the annual conference of Hispanists. He’s not speaking this year, just attending, which makes it something like a vacation for him.

So yeah we went to Heidelberg. Because the Dual Career Service doesn’t just help trailing spouses find jobs, they also provide general settling-in information for out-of-towners. It seems people like to rent to professors and their families, because they expect us to be quiet and unassuming, possessing no more than the usual number of cats and far more than the usual number of books, and therefore disinclined to move around a lot. In our case, they’re not wrong. So the Dual Career lady emailed us about this house in Heidelberg, belonging to a retired Theology professor who now lives in Austria, and DrBob called him and set up a viewing last weekend.

Then, she emailed us about an apartment, spang in the middle of town, with a landlady who didn’t want to give out her number. We gave ours, to be passed to her, and she called DrBob and they set up a second viewing for the same day.  Continue reading

Have a weekend!

While you’re at it, have mine as well, because I’m not using it, gah.

Umm, this morning (at the insane hour of 8:30) the real-estate guy called to say that the Italians had agreed to buy our house for a price that will leave us broke but at least we won’t have to borrow money to pay it off. We are so battered by this whole process that we are interpreting that as good news. So help me God, I will never buy or sell a house again.

Then I went to the new office of my old job to pick up a document and saw all my ex-colleagues again and they’re all the same shiny wonderful humans and I felt the sad feels. I do miss working, yes, but I miss the people I worked with even more.

Also today, Mr Husband notified Heidelberg that he would indeed sign the contract and send it to them on Monday, so that’s also settled. We found out who was offered the Würzburg job, and it wasn’t him, and while rejection is never nice, the offer would have complicated the hell out of things, so this also reads as good.

He just flew in from Munich (and boy are his arms tired, hotcha!), so he’s going to sleep as long as he wants tomorrow, and then we’ll drive to Heidelberg, arrive in time to check into a hotel, and on Sunday we’ll look at a house and an apartment for rent and probably make a decision on the spot because complicated=bad, so let’s hope that’s settled soon too. Then we’ll visit some academic friends and come trickling home at some insane hour so he can sleep for two hours before going in to show a bunch of Danes around his soon-to-be-ex job, and I can spend the day on the phone with the real estate guy figuring out signings and handovers and when the hell we’re going to get all this done between Mr Husband leaving for Hispanists’ Conference in Münster and our vacation (Tenerife, WOOO!).

Hmm. I wonder what I’m forgetting?

Song du jour of the day: Mañana, by Radio Tarifa.

oh look, it’s snowi – oh, wait…

Y’all, Mother Nature is off her rocker. It’s supposed to be spring but it snowed yesterday morning, and then the sun came out and ate it all and then at night there was snow on the ground again though I didn’t see it fall, it was just suddenly there. And this morning was perfect and sunny and then it started HAILING, WTF, and then blammo, sun again and now it’s spring in the front yard and winter in the back yard and OH GOD I’M TURNING INTO MY MOTHER ALL I CAN TALK ABOUT IS THE WEATHER. Continue reading

status update

  1. Wow, so that was spring, and now it’s winter again! Not yay.
  2. Had my first migraine in two months and three days, which sucked, but it only really lasted half a day, and having migraines every couple months is a damn sight better than a couple times a month. I think the glasses have made a huge difference.
  3. I think I finally have a usable CV, and I’ve written (and Mr Husband has drastically improved) a cover letter for a job in Mannheim. I hate the photo a lot, but other people seem to think it’s okay, so I guess I really do look that freckly and anxious.
  4. The University put us in touch with a professor who would rather rent his house to another professor than to… um, not-a-professor, so we’ll be zipping down to HD to look at the house this coming weekend. I can’t even express how fantastically fortunate it would be if this worked out and we didn’t have to go through the whole house-hunting-from-another-country nightmare. Again.
  5. Otherwise? Cat’s fine. Kids’re fine. Everything’s fine, I just really, really need spring to get here.

Song du jour of the day: Lemonade, by CocoRosie.


So as you know, we’re trying to sell this house, and yay timing! tells me that there are currently 4,438 houses for sale in Utrecht alone, so we have some hefty competition. But we can’t wait for the market to improve, so. We had to clear off so strangers could come in and look around on Thursday afternoon, Friday morning, and this morning. This morning I went and hung out at Fiona’s – thanks for the spare key, babe! Tomorrow I will go have a photo professionally taken of me in a buttony-shirt and blazer and (urk) make-up, because I need it to apply for jobs in Germany (what the FUCK, Germany!?), so that will kill some time in a singularly horrible way. Then on Wednesday we have to clear out all afternoon because FOUR different sets of people are going to be trooping through the rooms and looking at my stuff.  Continue reading