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progress report

I know, I’m not blogging. Here’s what I’m doing while I wait for my computer to boot…

Also working on this… I need to reduce my massive yarn supplies, and I can’t stand to throw anything away. This kind of knitting goes well with the masses and masses of reading I’m having to do for school.

Still working madly – I was supposed to be done after yesterday, but due to an accident which is nobody’s fault, they’ve had to push the deadline back a week, so I’ve got one more day. I hope it’s only one. The ant-labor, yes, very grueling and brain-deadifying. (See? If I were lucid I would have been able to come up with a real word. Brain-deadifying. Sheeesh.)

House purchase? In progress. We’ll meet with Mr Fisher tomorrow evening and set things in motion. Unless he’s decided he’d rather rent to these other people than sell to us. Fingers crossed, I really love that house.

And a translating project that we’re not really qualified for, but unfortunately, the people who are qualified probably don’t exist. Did you know that translators choose a specialty when they qualify? No, not Spanish or Russian or French or whatever, but a particular area of expertise: economics or technology or medicine. Our specialty is Humanities, i.e. history, philology, linguistics and philosophy. Anyway, what we have is a jargon-heavy piece on picture-framing. Do we have the vocabulary for this? We sure don’t! Neither, tragically, does Google.

Also? Something that’s always true, but for some reason I need to tell you about it Right Now: the neighbor kids have two pet rabbits, and they named one of them Shtupsy. No, they don’t speak Yiddish, and have no idea that they’ve named their bunny Fucksy. Are you gonna tell them?

Song du jour of the day: Jumpin’ Jumpin’ by Destiny’s Child.

speaking of blogging milestones…

Overwhelmed With Joy has just put up her 100th post, and she wants to see your 100th post too! Pop on over and add your name and the url of your 100th post to her nifty little list (I gotta learn how to do that…), and spread the word! Because it’s kinda fun.

Here’s mine. Although, to be honest, it’s actually only my 100th since switching to Blogger. I can’t show you the real 100th, because I hand-coded my blog for the first three years (yeah, I know) and I’d never be able to find it.

Song du jour of the day: 1000 Stars, by Big Country.

See? It’s not just you!

I know you think that everyone else gets an annual Christmas card with photo from me, and timely thank-you notes and all that, and it’s only your birthday that I forget Every. Damn. Year. But it’s really not true. Seriously, get together, compare notes and you will see that there is no connection whatsoever between my love for you and the sending of pretty pieces of paper on or around significant dates.

And this time, the date I forgot is one of mine – my fourth … uh, whaddyacallit? Blog-iversary? Blog-thday? I dunno, but my first blog post happened on July 25th, 2002. And no I can’t post a link to it because 1) it would lead the stalkers right to my house, and 2) since my blog originated as an open letter to my parents, essentially, it’s a really boring entry.

Anyway. Tuesday was a biggish day. And I forgot it completely.

Oh, and p.s. um, Happy birthday Melanie! Couple days late! And Krystal? Your card’s in my bag, I just can’t seem to track down your address. I know it’s around here somewhere. (jeez…)

Song du jour of the day: A-Ha. The Sun Always Shines on TV

Guess what I have!?

A fistful of permanent markers…

a new pair of sandals…

… and a Cunning Plan.

Heh. Heh. Heh.

And the song du jour of the day is in honor of James, who will be leaving us soon: Go West, by the Village People. Good luck with the move James! I loved visiting Amsterdam, and I know you’re going to love living there.

Dear kindergarten lady,

I gave him a water-bottle, every day, until YOU told me to stop it. Now you want him to have one last Wednesday, today, and this Thursday? Do I look like I have time to remember that kind of crap in the morning? Tellyouwhat: since YOU see fit to change the rules every couple days? Maybe YOU should supply the water-bottles.

Just a thought.

love, alala

Song du jour of the day: Roy Orbison (among others), Mean Woman Blues. Though, if it were to be relevant to this post, it’d have to be called Mildly Annoying Woman (Who, Thank God, I Don’t Ever Have to Deal With Again After Next Week) Blues. Hm. That’s not very catchy, is it? Guess we’ll stick with the original, then.


I always mean to answer my comments, but you’ve probably noticed by now that I’m not real good at getting around to things. Until now, heh heh. So, on the post that linked to photos of what, God willin’ and the creek don’t rise, will be my next home:

Kelly said…

I think it looks great, though I am a bit confused- is the first two images of the top floor? Or a basement?

The um, upper-attic. The attic room is actually divided into two rooms, and I didn’t photograph the first one because it was too dark in there, but it already has a wardrobe in it, and is really quite nice, with a sloping ceiling and a lot more space than you think at first glance. And the second one, that’s in the photos. With the built-in shelves along one wall, and the little spiral stairway up to a storage area with skylight, and those things on the other side are also for storage. Giant drawers on the left, hingey things up top, and a bar for hanging clothes from in the middle. Love. It.

You should come see it. We’ll figure out a guest-room.

Honestly? I know this is what I’m supposed to be doing for a living, but I canNOT figure out how to get the pictures to line up the way I want them. I’m all, <barbie-voice>Something about “div”…</barbie-voice> It’s brain-fry from work, normally I’m not this clueless.

braddahspud said…

built-in bookshelves? BOOyah. and I think those are the attic-type space. Word on the dark kitchen? Under-cabinet lights and indirect lighting (for example, if you have or create space between cabinet-top and ceiling, lights in there pointed toward the ceiling), with light paint/cabinet colors will help a fair amount. And the kitchen goes, right? nice place!

I don’t know who you are, but I like you a lot. The under-cabinet lights are already there (and dude – you turn them on just by touching them. HOW COOL IS THAT?), but the cabinet-top light idea? effing AWESOME, man! Please come back and give me more suggestions, because you clearly know your shit.

~d said…

I sent mine out too.
Very eerie!

What do I do next, Ms. Mixmania-been here done that?!

Wait for yours to come in the mail. Be ready to rhapsodize about it when it arrives. Keep an eye on Jim’s blog and be ready to post your songlist when he gives the word – that’ll be July 31st, and you put your list up on August first.

OOOH! OOOH! Is that really gonna be YOUR house?!?!


Hope so. You’re gonna come visit, right? We’ll figure out a guest-room.

~d (also) said…

P.S. Thing 1 thinks hizzle is cool looking-and wanted to know if thats your kid-in the pix.

Yes, that is the Sniglet, trying to look Cool. Apparently cool people do not smile for photos. Beware – the younger ones grow up way faster than the firstborn. Tragic, but true.

Song du jour of the day, apropos of nothing in this post but total song virus which I’m loving lately: Promiscuous, by Nelly Furtado and Timbaland. Sent to me by ~d, to my undying gratitude.

three days

Tuesday I left work early (5 p.m.) to get home in time to go look at the Fisher house with the bfil, DrBob, and a tired, cranky five-year-old.

Wednesday I left work middlin’ (7) and went straight from the train station to the building where I teach my English classes. Didn’t get home till 10.

Today I left work late – 8:00 late – and came home totally dizzy and strange and even more conversationally-challenged than usual.

Add sangría, stir a bit…

This is your brain on drugs… this is your brain with two strips of bacon and a side of toast…

fabble gleep.

Go read Kelly’s blog, she’s got some really cool stuff up lately. Come back when I’ve had time to floss my brain and introduce myself to the alarmingly self-sufficient little blondish boys who live here. And who haven’t seen their mama for three days.

Oh! And? If you haven’t already, go sponsor Monty in the blogathon, please? Because I really need to hear her do that Witch Doctor Song. Seriously. I need it.


Ooo eee, oo-ah-ah, ting, tang, walla walla bing-bang…


Well, I sent out my Mixmania! cd on Monday, two days late, because I didn’t think the post office would be open on Saturday. Turns out I was wrong, gack. I must admit, I don’t feel too good about this one, I was never able to give it the attention it deserved. Bummer.

We took Georg, the bfil (that’s my best friend-in-law, i.e. DrBob’s best friend) to see the two houses we are seriously considering. We’ve had our, ahem, differences, in the past, but I do at least try to be honest about his strengths, and he does have a good eye for houses.

He likes the one I like. The one that I think is a characterless box in a zombie-Stepford neighborhood? He thinks it’s a characterless box in a zombie-Stepford neighborhood. I was all set to respect his opinion and give up on the Mr Fisher house if he said it was basically a big wad of dry-rot that just hadn’t gotten around to collapsing yet but would any minute, and by the way, what the hell is with the alligators in the basement, I really was. But he likes it, and he didn’t see any alligators, and he thinks we should make an offer.


Which we will, just as soon as we are absolutely, 100% sure there will be actual money coming in, on the sale of my mother’s house.

The kitchen is dark. Really quite dark. That’s because there’s not a lot of light coming in, because the window has all these BIG, GIANT TREES in front of it. Yes! Actual, grown-up trees! Trees! I like trees. Anyway, I have thrown up some photos, totally disorganized and all, maybe I’ll make it all nice later, but for now, this’ll have to do: house.

Also? I worked today. My co-worker calls it ant-work, what we’re doing now. One tedious fiddly task that requires careful attention and must be done approximately 841,000,000 more times by the end of the month. And I’ll be working tomorrow and the next day, which will totally fry my brain, so if I blog before Friday, it’ll probably be a lot like “fabble gleep? B-fwaeh, halebidada.”

Song du jour of the day: My Bloody Valentine. Swallow.

nervous nervous nervous

DrBob flies to Berlin tomorrow for his job interview. I sure hope it goes well.

Jitter jitter jitter.

Song du jour of the day: Sexy Boy, by Air

say WHAT?

So I’ve been bumbling along, thinking we’re going to buy a house soon here in OurTown, thinking the major issue was about the two houses, which one do I want, which does he want, how will we decide, blah blah blah. Last night we went out to dinner (in celebration of his third book, which still needs polishing, but is effectively done), and he’s all on about we need to consider all the options, we could move to Munich, we could move to any one of the thousand little hobbit-towns around here, we could invest the money and just wait some more, until we know more about our future – oh, that last one? Hel-lo? Pay rent for another year when we don’t have to (sound of toilet flushing)?

Okay, the thing is. The job that brought us here was for two years. The project got another three years of funding, so we found out, in October of 2003, that we’d still have jobs in January of 2004. In around that was all the applications to universities on two continents, so even if the project continued there was always the possibility that we’d be moving anyway. So even though we’ve been in this house for five years, there has never been a time when we could definitively say that we knew where we’d be Next Year. Our furniture is mostly lightweight, easy to move or disposable, we don’t have anything nice – we sleep on mattresses on the floor, DrBob and I – because we might have to move at any time. And he’s always saying soon we’ll know more, and wait a bit, and here it is again. And I tried to make nice at the restaurant last night because fighting in restaurants is such a horrible thing, but frankly? I’m a little irritated.

Because I’m tired of this instability, indeed I am. I am sick of not knowing where we’ll be next, or when Next will start – to the point of being willing to accept that he might have to spend half the year in Berlin, but the kids and I are staying here, dammit. Think about the kind of pressure that would make you willing to be a single mom for half the year. And I thought here we had at least part of a decision made, that we’d narrowed it down to a particular town at least, but no, apparently those conversations didn’t happen and it’s all up in the air again. Daaargh!

You know how they say libras have a hard time making decisions because they can see both sides of an issue? Right, well I’m here to tell you that when an issue has forty sides? It makes us very, very unhappy.

Song du jour of the day: Crazy, by R.E.M.

Oh also? I forgot to say that I ganked the pirate quiz from Kelly. Thanks, Kel, yes I am very pirate-y. Hee hee hee.