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bad hippie. no soybar.

You know, I do believe that global warming is a serious threat, and that human activity has contributed significantly to it. I do think we should stop being so wasteful of non-renewable energy, of energy in general, really. But this Earth Hour business, it Makes No Sense. What do you do for an hour in the dark? (Heh heh, yeah right, the kids are still awake, you pervert.) Watching TV or using your computer still consumes energy – lots of it. Read a book? With a flashlight (batteries! toxic metals, electronic waste!) or candles? Would that be tallow (byproduct of beef-fat rendering – overgrazing! deforestation!) or paraffin (a byproduct of petroleum refining) candles? Continue reading

on the road…er, rails. Again. Sort of.

I tend to post late at night these days, and this time tomorrow night I’ll be unpostable, just so you know. We’re going up to Utrecht for a couple days. Disclaimer for any interested parties, this does not indicate that he is or is not definitely planning to take the Utrecht job, he is still waiting for Holloway’s counteroffer and no final decision has been made. Continue reading

more things I can’t say

Amy sez:

I find it difficult to blog at all when there’s Stuff Going On that I shouldn’t be blogging about.

Oh, amen. Continue reading

things you can’t say

For nearly a year now, there’s been something going on that I couldn’t put in the blog. It was an off-and-on thing, not a solid year of tension, but still, even when it was all I could think about, I couldn’t put it here. In that year, it’s grown huge, then shrunk down to nothing, then ballooned again. Even now, I can only give you the bare fact itself. Processing it all will be… well, quite a process. Continue reading

10 Places I’d Take a Tourist in my Hometown

Ganked from the Diva, who was only just the best Secret Pal in the history of Secret Paldom.

So, a day in Port Townsend! Bring some good comfy walking shoes.
Continue reading

the joys of cat ownership

I was awakened this morning, half an hour before my alarm clock was due to ring, by a high-pitched squeaky noise, such as a small animal in pain might make. Like, for example, a mouse being tormented by a cat. Then Lilu came trotting in with a mouse in her mouth and dropped it on my bedroom floor. I, thinking it was already dead or nearly so, said “Lilu get out of here with that thing!” (I’m not very diplomatic when you wake me up suddenly.) She immediately picked it up and trotted out of my bedroom. Continue reading

game day

We went to a soccer game today! A real one, this one, at the Allianz Arena. The tickets were the Sniglet’s birthday present to DrBob. Hm. Those of you who are familar with (or totally indifferent to) the German football league system can skip down to the next paragraph. Continue reading