Monthly Archives: November 2008

sad surprise

I often envy DrBob for having so many relatives – I wish I had a big family. But of course, they have a downside, don’t they?

Another uncle died this morning.


accidental holiday

So um, Tuesday, I think, I decided to defrost the freezer, because I am the world expert in having fun it was finally cold enough to put the frozen food outside. The freezer was really… froze, and after 14 hours or so there was still ice in there, so I had to leave it overnight. And it turns out, it wasn’t really cold enough to put the frozen food outside – it all thawed. Oops. Continue reading

a missed opportunity to make history

I am all about the Historic Firsts, I think it’s awesome that we have our first Black president. But I must say I’m not unhappy about Ted Stevens’s failure to become the first convicted felon in the Senate. Felons can’t vote, but they can serve in Congress? I think… not.

Also, one down, two to go. Hah.

Song du jour of the day: Hit the Road, Jack, by Ray Charles.

on racism in Europe

Apparently Europeans have been congratulating the U.S. on getting over its racism and electing a black president. Excuse me? Is this the pot calling the kettle… well, black?

A little perspective, just in case you’ve been hearing that Europe thinks we Americans are racist… yeah, they kind of do think that we have a problem, and that they don’t, which mystifies me, quite frankly. I will certainly not deny that the U.S. has a long and ugly history of racism, and miles to go before we can say we’ve gotten beyond race, but we’re making better progress than some people I could mention… Continue reading

the soccer-mom returns

Monday grocery shopping. Tuesday soccer in Jagenau. Wednesday tae kwon do in St. Wolfgang. Thursday grocery shopping again. Friday train station, to get the train to Munich. And lo, I am driving every day.

I wonder if I should start buying carbon credits.

Song du jour of the day: Fall On Me, by R.E.M.

Go stand in the corner, Klaus

Germany has good roads, and I think that’s a good thing. They improve fuel efficiency and make my life easier. The schools are pretty okay too – not perfect, but good enough, and this matters because everyone should have a decent education. And not just because it’s fair, but also for selfish reasons: I have to deal with people and I’d rather they not be stupid. When I had pneumonia, I’m glad I got to stay in a clean hospital with doctors and nurses who knew what they were doing. Continue reading

Angry. Disappointed. Disgusted.

Yoo hoo! A-little-over-half-of Califoooooornia!

WTF is up with Prop 8? You’re letting Mormons tell you what marriage is supposed to look like? Remember the pledge you said every day in grade school? It ended with “Liberty and justice for all.” Didja get that last word there? ALL. That means Everyone.

(Ahem. The following is possibly NSFK) Continue reading