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This is my 400th post! Isn’t that cool?

*ahem* la la la… *ahem*. Okay.

Happy Birthday to you!
You live in a zoo!
You look like a monkey,
And you smell like one too (but not really)!

Happy Birthday, Bro!

It’s after midnight, and I have to get up at six, yay me. More feedback-feedback, because you all leave such great soundbites that get me thinking, and I almost never follow up on them, bad me.

KimberlyDi said…

Hey, a vacation is still a vacation. Enjoy the change in routine. Taking a laptop with ya?

You’re absolutely right, and I’m not complaining. DrBob and I are major culture-heads, and most of our trips are such a whirlwind of cathedrals and churches and castles and whatnot that once it’s over, I can’t remember which was where. But: 1) kids hate that shit, and 2) where there’s culture, there’s usually also traffic and pickpockets, both of which make traveling with children much more trying than necessary.

So yeah. This Generic Family Entertainment Complex could be anywhere in the world, and might be a bit on the boring side, but I could do with some boredom. And the kids will be happy, I love that. Plus, being what we are, DrBob and I will probably drag the little monsters off to Venice, or at least to the cathedral in Rovinj (also, I hear there’s an aquarium! cool!) at least once. So that’ll be okay.

No, no laptop. Trying to go as un-wired as possible this time, because it’s supposed to be a vacation. Last year I took my laptop and spent the week restructuring the entire JOB site (the job I quit in March), and while I rather enjoyed it, I kinda feel like I probably should have spent my vacation … um, not-working. I may hunt up an internet café mid-week though, just to see how y’all are doing.

~d (tilde) said…

Amazing life you are giving your children.

You know, you’re right. Thanks for reminding me. Because it’s kinda true, isn’t it, but I forget that most of the time. Maybe because it’s not nearly as amazing as I want it to be – I still haven’t managed to take Ignatz to Dublin as promised, plus I owe him a trip to Venice, just the two of us. And the Sniglet’s trip to the Playmobil Funpark was canceled first by rain, and then by my bronchitis. Hm. Memo to self, get sh– um, act together (trying to clean up my language now that I know that my niece reads this. She’s three).

Also? You think this is amazing? Come visit, we’ll take you places and show you cool stuff. Just ask Melanie if you don’t believe me.

Song du jour of the week, probably, since I won’t be back with a new one until next Saturday: um, how about the Star Trek Theme Song. The original series, of course.


Umm, we’re leaving on Saturday! For Croatia! Do you know as vanishingly little about Eastern Europe as I do? Well, what the hell, back when we paid attention to that sort of thing it was behind the Iron Curtain and we were never gonna go there (didn’t you just say you went to Leningrad in 1987? Um, yes, but that’s… different. Drat it, you’ve ruined my narrative flow!) anyway. It was also part of Yugoslavia, and they redrew all the borders (in blood, basically, but, you know, whatever) in the early 90s while I was busy being young and self-absorbed. In stark contrast to the way I am now, which is middle-aged and self-absorbed. Anyway. Croatia. It’s across the Adriatic from Italy, so I guess the climate is similar.

The place we went last year was booked solid by February this year, so we had to think of something else. DrBob found this thing in Croatia (sorry, I couldn’t find anything in English), which is like a Family Entertainment Complex – totally not our usual thing, but we have to do something, right? I mean, already this year we are only taking one week of vacation, which is so totally un-German that they’ll probably kick us out of the country if they find out. Anyway, the kids might enjoy it.

Me? I’m gonna take a bunch of novels with me and hang out by the pool and let the sun bake all this phlegm out of my lungs. Culture, schmulture, I’m too tired to enjoy it anyway. Though we might take a ferry to Venice. Once we decide whether it will be fun for the kids or the Amazing Carnival of Complaining.

Song du jour of the day: Emotional Rescue. The Rolling Stones


Well, the coughing has abated, and I don’t need to spend a couple hours lying down every afternoon – well, that and I’m not allowed to. I feel almost normal, until I try to do something. Today I walked to the Doctor’s office. Twice! How’s that for an achievement? It’s across the street from my house, why do you ask? Well, across the street and down a bit, not right across the street. Okay, probably about 100 feet from my house. What’s your point?

I’m sorry this is all I can write about. Things really are this boring right now.

Song du jour of the day (hee hee hee) (via Evhead):

powered by ODEO


The soccer game was pretty fun, and I didn’t pass out or anything, so that’s all good.

We had houseguests this weekend. I’m sure they had a grand time watching my Bill the Cat imitation for two days. Wouldn’t you love to come visit me now? Yup, still sick, and quite worried about the offspring – since they’ve been exposed, but don’t have it now, it’s altogether possible that they’ll come down with it while we’re on vacation in Croatia next week, and how much would that suck?

Other stuff I’ve been doing…

AAAahahahaha this is fun! However, Jeneane’s point (in a nutshell, howcome nearly every celebrity in their database is white?) is extremely valid, and MyHeritage? If you could work on the diversity thing? Kthanks. (Yes, I sent them a real email, I’m not just hoping they’ll happen by my blog.)

Also, I went and did that mappy-thing, picked up from James’s blog:

create your own visited country map
I love how I get to fill in half of Asia on the strength of a weekend in Leningrad in 1987.

create your own personalized map of the USA

create your personalized map of europe

Your travel type: Culture Buff

The culture buff needs to see a museum, an art gallery, a 16-th century church every day during his holiday. When he travels he is always well prepared. He has read history books, speaks a few words of the lingo, knows about the strange habits the locals have.

top destinations:

New York

stay away from:

North Korea
Darien Gap

get your own travel profile

Song du jour of the day: All Over the World, by ELO! Ha!


Huh. Turns out, when you don’t do a lot, you don’t have a lot to blog about. I could tell you about my new croaky voice or the hours I spent counting the ceiling because I couldn’t sleep last night, but that would be extremely boring. See, I’m bored already. So I’ll just tell you about my Bad Idea, which is to go to a soccer game. Just the second half, and it’s not like I’ll be playing. Just watching. Everybody’s been on summer break since before the World Cup, so I’m jonesing, man, and the team (DrBob’s hometown team) is really good. But with the ride there and 45 minutes of soccer and the chitchat with in-laws and the ride home, I’ll have to remain upright for something like an hour and a half, so I’d better go lie down for awhile. Store up some strength.

Nothing but excitement here at casa alala.

Song du jour of the day: Lita Ford and Ozzy Osbourne, If I Close My Eyes Forever (Will this Fucking Headache Go Away?).

Well, that explains a lot

It’s bronchitis. Not a cold, and just waiting for it to go away was not a good plan. So now I have antibiotics and a decent excuse for having been such a slug for the last few days. A hacking, gagging slug. A slug with hairballs.

Better news: the weather is improving! We were even able to eat dinner outside yesterday. That is to say, the guys ate dinner while I snored in my potato salad. And it was raining when I woke up this morning, but now it isn’t. This is progress. This is good.

Song du jour of the day: Stay Fly, by Three Six Mafia

aaaand now we’re coughing.

I try really hard to post every day, because I’ve noticed that if I let one day go, it turns into five. And of course, it would be cruel to make you miss a day of the glamor and fabulousness of my life. Bleah.

So the glamor and fabulousness today consisted mostly of napping. I think there may also have been some laundry, but it was mostly napping. I talked to Mrs Next Door briefly over the fence – I’ve been avoiding her, because I didn’t want to infect her with my disease, but as soon as we greeted eachother in our new-improved basso profundo voices, I knew she already had it. And she’s been to the doctor, and gotten antibiotics for it, so I guess I better go to the doctor too. Apparently, this particular “cold” has been making the rounds here in OurTown, and just waiting for it to go away is not going to work.

Bleh. Tune in tomorrow for more glamor and fabulousness. And probably coughing. Betcha just can’t wait.

Song du jour of the day: Strange Colour Blue, by Madrugada.

Ganked from Kelly…

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Pffft. Yeah, right. Angel with hairballs.