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disaster, doom, destruction…

… we’re out of soy sauce.

Okay, just kidding. Well, we really are out of soy sauce, but it’s probably not such a huge problem, though the sweet&sour pork I made last night was not salty enough and I tried to fix it with teriyaki sauce. Learn from another’s experience and don’t do that, okay? It’s not good.

So the internet fairy takes tuesdays off from making my life hell. That is to say, DrBob teaches on tuesdays, and takes his computer with him, so I can set up my computer at his desk and steal the neighbor’s bandwidth for awhile (he said we could, don’t worry. We don’t have permission from his provider, but as they are the very Telekom that’s screwing up our service, I see a certain poetic justice here. After all, if they did their job and gave me the service I’m actually paying for, I wouldn’t have any reason to do this, would I?). So once a week I check up on y’all, and it doesn’t really leave me time to write here – well, sort of it does, but a week’s worth of events and impressions is too much, and it just forms this giant clot in the front of my brain and I can’t untangle it so I wind up with random crap about soy sauce.

And Halloween. Sigh. Back Home, I loved Halloween, the whole dressing-up and black and purple and parties and silliness was very fun, but I’m really not happy about it coming to Germany. Because it really does spring from an ancient Irish tradition that was brought over in the 19th century by great lolloping masses of Irish immigrants, so it has a valid precedent in the States. Here it’s just marketing, with no history or tradition behind it.

This does not keep my children from wanting to participate, however, and having to say no sucks. Especially since Ignatz’s friends are trick-or-treating, and I can’t really keep him from going with them, so I’m only saying no to the Sniglet. That’s really hard, because I recognize the unfairness of it, but I don’t want to take him (did I mention that there is no historical or traditional precedent for Halloween here? So some people are into it, but a lot of them, if you knock on their door and ask for candy, will be all WTF on you, and Ignatz can tolerate this, but I already get enough of it, thank you) and the Sniglet’s too young to go on his own.

Gah. Holidays, good. Holidays out of context, not so much.

Song du jour of the day: In These Shoes, by Kirsty MacColl. Which reminds me that I owe someone a thank-you…


Well, first they said we’d have internet access in mid-October. Now they say November 3rd. Probably. They’ll let me know if not, and I should please have a little patience.

This is requiring quite a bit more than a “little” patience.

Sorry I’m not around more, I’m still grabbing moments on DrBob’s computer when I can. Still reading y’all, though. Really really.

Song du jour of the day: Welcome Home Luc Robitaille, from my new Mando Diao CD. Which I am loving.

Hee heee

So y’all know that the Internet Fairy has cursed me lately and will require many propitiation rituals before she’ll let me have my own account back, right? And I’ve occasionally been borrowing DrBob’s internet, and at some point I signed him out of GoogleTalk, and signed me in, and now his computer thinks he’s me, and whenever we turn it on, I’m signed in and he’s signed out. Which is why Kel thought I was online, Friday. Which is why she blasted out a big ol’ Happy Birthday!, right in the middle of DrBob’s first lecture and Power Point extravaganza (DrBob is a zealous recent convert to the magic of Power Point) for his Intro to Romanic Literature course. I’m sure his 60 or so students were very amused. I’m amused. I think it’s hilarious.

I’m easily amused. It’s a great thing to be.

Song du jour of the day: <b>Coconut</b>, technically by Harry Nilsson, but I’m thinking of the version performed by the Muppets, in the episode with Kenny Rogers.

Flashing the Stash

SO much to catch up on, but first, to respond to a call from Elemmaciltur, because I said I would, and also because I need to figure out how to do pictures in this blog. So here’s my yarn-stash, with the qualifiers that I always seem to need to add, to wit:

Sorry about the plastic bags, I used to store my yarn in the basement and it needed protecting. This is actually about half of what I had then – in the move I threw away everything that smelled… you know, basementy. Yes, the bags did too work – I’d have had to throw it all away if they hadn’t. So this is all I have left, and in a hand-slapping penitent way, I am not allowing myself to buy any new yarn until I use some of this stuff up. Sort of. Only, I just did, for the Sniglet’s ferry boat sweater, oops. But aside from that, um… and any other new projects that wander into my head… okay okay okay, how’s this: no more buying yarn unless I have a specific project in mind for it.

Of course, we all know the rule: she (or he) who dies with the most yarn wins. In light of that, having to throw away the basementy stuff was a serious setback. Also, my LYS moved away, to a town I have no reason to go to, so I can’t just happen by and drift inside, and oops, sort of accidentally buy some yarn. Darn.

Anyhoo. Here it is:

Flash your Stash!

So howbout it, all you crafty people? Flash your stash and impress us all! And let me or Elemmaciltur know you did, so we can tell all our friends to go “Oooo! Aaah!”

I can’t believe I forgot the song du jour of the day on my birthday (it was Cracker’s Happy Birthday To Me), but here’s one for today: ooo, one of my favorites, even: Fall On Me, by R.E.M.

Hello world!

C’mon in, look around, make yourself at home and don’t spill anything on the couch, okay?

So this is my new blog! The blogroll is a work in progress, so if you’re not there and you think you should be, you’re probably right, and you can either wait for me to get around to adding you (which I will, eventually), or shoot me an email (denego. gmail. you know what to do) and I’ll do it right away. Actually, the whole blog is a work in progress; I see that I’ll have to figure out things like “categories” and “slugs” (ew, please let that not be what it sounds like). Anyway, I hope we like it here. Oh, and the name. Yeah, alala’s always already taken, drat it.

Also, today is my birthday, which is why it seemed like a good time to jump into the new blog. I’m 36, so according to Oscar Wilde it’s time to start lying about my age. I’m not really in a birthday mood today. I guess I’ve just been too busy to give it a lot of thought. So has DrBob, and he seems to feel a bit sheepish that the only present he got me was speakers that hook up to my computer, but since I’ve been wanting some for a couple years, it seems like a perfectly suitable gift to me. He didn’t have any input in the kids’ presents this year, so it’ll be interesting to see what they came up with on their own.


You guys! Are so cool, and there are new people in my comments (hi! welcome!) and comments I want to answer but I still don’t have my own internet, am still grabbing moments here and there with DrBob’s computer when he goes to the gym or the bathroom or something, and it’s just difficult in the time I have. I’m sorry about that. Also, has eaten my password, so I had to start a new blogroll, but I didn’t get around to digging around in my blogger template to put the new code in. The blogger template’s kind of a pain, actually. Which brings me to my point:

A Thing I didn’t tell you, but it was true neverthess, is that I’ve been considering leaving Blogger for awhile now. I’ve been sniffing around LiveJournal, WordPress and Typepad for awhile, and I decided that I like WordPress. The interface is spiffier, I like the templates better. Someday I’d like to download the WordPress software and move my blog to my own site. It’ll be awhile before I have time to do that, but I set up a free blog on their space, and today seems like a good day to start new there. For reasons that will be revealed when you click over (sorry for the sentence fragment, but the previous sentence was just getting too damn long).

So I hope you’ll follow me to my new digs, change your links and stuff like that. And bring some tequila. Here’s the address:

Song du jour of the day: Moving, by Kate Bush

I don’t always want the truth

Do you? Are you sure?

So I was having coffee yesterday with one of my new neighbors, Susanne, who is very nice (all my new neighbors seem to be quite cool – not sure how I got so lucky, but I’m glad), and I mentioned that one of the things I miss about the States is common courtesy from service people. Like “Can I help you?” or “Have a nice day.” Now I’ve heard that Germans think Americans are superficial, but this is the first time one’s actually said it to me: she said, “But it’s not really sincere, is it, it’s just superficial. They don’t really mean it.” (I’m translating and paraphrasing here.)

I’ve been thinking about that today. Americans who read this: when you say something polite to a stranger, are you being truly honest? Do you really want them to have a nice day?

Now here’s a better question: does it matter? Look at it from the other side: You walk into the post office, all you want is a stamp, what would you rather hear? “Can I help you,” from someone who may not really mean it, or “What the hell do you want,” from someone who really does mean it? Fake manners, or honest hostility?

I think I’d rather have the fake manners. I don’t really need random strangers going out of their way to make my day even more unpleasant than it already has to be. I mean, I value truth and all that, and from my best friend I’d rather have complete honesty. But from a cashier at some store? Not so much.

So this makes me wonder about Germans. Do they consider rudeness a virtue?

Hmmm… what do you think?

Song du jour of the day: Where is the Love? by the Black-Eyed Peas