Monthly Archives: August 2014

various and sundry

I didn’t go to the Zumba class the second week, but not because of my ex-therapist. Because of a migraine. I did go last week, and she was still there. Must try harder to scare her off.

We took Hecate to the vet in June for a checkup, flea meds, de-worming and vaccine update. She cried in the car on the way there, refused to leave her carrier at the visit, and pooped in her cat-carrier on the drive home. This month, when we took her back for some booster shots, she repeated the ritual. I don’t like this ritual, especially the pooping in the car. We really need to find a more local vet, but our section of Heidelberg has mostly dentists.

I’ve been doing monthly fitness challenges on Facebook and now I can do like 10 pushups in a row. I don’t even know who I am anymore.

I grew lettuce! On the balcony! And we ate it and didn’t die! I feel like a total Earth Mother now. Let’s see what the tomatoes do…

Song du jour of the day: Let’s Get Loud, by JLo at the Women’s World Cup! Because football starts again tomorrow and yay. (Yes it’s a different kind of football. No I don’t care.)