off we go

Ignatz and I are flying up to Utrecht this evening. He’ll go to school on Tuesday with the son of one of DrBob’s colleagues, and then have an interview with someone from that school at 5. Another interview at another school on Wednesday morning, and then Thursday morning we have an appointment to drive around and look at houses. Thursday night we fly back home.

That’s a lot of stuff to pack into three days. I should plan longer trips.

Anyway, this is decision time. If one of the schools accepts him, then we know that we’ll move to Utrecht and we can start making serious plans. If they don’t, a whole lot of things need a re-think and I have no idea what will happen next. This kind of uncertainty is exausting, so please keep your fingers crossed for us.

Song du jour of the day: in keeping with the Eurovision thing, let’s look at Shine, by De Toppers from the Netherlands! This is classic Eurovision fare, a vapid peace-and-love poptart that would have done well in the 70s or 80s, but I think its time has passed. Definitely not my favorite, but I might vote for it anyway. The Netherlands has been doing really badly in recent Eurovisions, and if they give up and quit participating, they might not show it on TV. And if I can’t watch Eurovision every May, I might as well go back to America.

4 responses to “off we go

  • marrije

    Nooooooo, not de Toppers!?! You will ruin our good name abroad. And as long as we have a sizable gay community with strong ties in the tv world, I think we will still have Eurovision on the telly, don’t worry.

    Good luck with the schools! Hope they are nice & helpful & welcoming.

  • Nate

    oo… what was the part about the thing you said there, with the ‘move back to America’ bit? : ]

    speaking of moving, you… um… knew we’re moving back to Seattle this summer, right?

    If the Dutch wuss out, I’m sure you’ll be able to watch the whole thing (Eurovision, not us moving) online by this time next year. TV’s going the way of radio, I’m sure of it–every house will still have one, but they won’t use it as much as (or in the same way) they used to.

  • Melanie

    Hey Nate, thanks for moving back to Seattle! (You being there strongly increases the odds that alala will visit there and it is most convenient for me!)

  • alala

    @ Marrije: don’t worry, everyone knows Eurovision is not reality, and every country has a version of De Toppers – in Germany, it’s Die Flippers. Also, sorry I didn’t let you know we were coming up, we were going to be hella busy. Next time, promise.

    @ Nate & Melanie: sort of kidding. There are actually a few other reasons for living over here in Yurp, although I’ll admit those reasons are less compelling since Inauguration Day.

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