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I get so irked when people put apostrophes where they don’t belong, especially in plurals. I mean, how hard can it be? I do it as a typo occasionally, but then I notice and I FIX IT. I know that some people don’t think it matters, but seriously, if I see that on a store or restaurant sign, I will not patronize that business. It makes me wonder what else they’re too stupid to do: wash their hands? Check expiration dates? Give me the correct change? Nope, nope, nope. If it’s not stupidity, then it’s apathy, and that’s worse. Continue reading

Ignatz, on the other hand

… has had pretty great teachers, and continues to do so. Yesterday I talked to Fr A, who was his German teacher last year and is now teaching an after-school class for people who need extra help with German. I met with her to say “he has a very specific problem with German and your class isn’t really addressing that, so I’d like to take him out of it,” but before I could start she said, “Ignatz’s difficulties are very specific, and I can’t really address them in this class, so he really shouldn’t be taking it.”

All righty, then. Continue reading

School and the Sniglet

From kindergarten through fourth grade, Ignatz had great teachers. We knew they were pretty good and counted ourselves lucky, but I was quite pleased with the German school system in general because I thought that was normal-ish. It may still be, but it hasn’t been the Sniglet’s experience at all, at all.

In the Sniglet’s last year of kindergarten he had a personality clash with his teacher. Honestly, I think she was sick and tired of little kids but was too young to retire and too old to change careers, is what I think. I also think the Sniglet saw right through her. Continue reading

three hours

That’s how long I can face the Wall of German before my brain shuts down.

8:30 – 9:15: met with the Sniglet’s teacher to talk about his problems at school. Found out that the key problem is that she can’t be bothered to do the job our taxes are paying her to do. Continue reading

the promised details

Yeah, sorry, I promised I’d tell you more about what the bank guy said once he saw that DrBob had a steady job and a decent income, instead of a torch and a pitchfork. I got derailed by a 3-day headache, bleah.

Upshot = yes, they are willing to lend us money, enough to buy a big-enough house in a close-enough neighborhood, and that without a down payment, and without even looking at my earning potential. So that’s good. Continue reading

comment interlude

Red said:

The gloves, good. Aretha’s hat, sooooo good.

Ooo, yeah, that HAT! Fabulous. She should give lessons to the queen.


Weren’t you just wondering if someone was going to push Cheney’s wheelchair down the stairs? It did cross my mind. My bad. Red

Actually, I was thinking Cheney had himself rolled out in a wheelchair because he thought he might make less of a target for any snipers in the vicinity. I bet there was nothing wrong with his back at all.
Obama pictures and McCain pictures

Oh, Happy Day

Well, I spent the day watching the inauguration on CNN, howbout you? Oh pish, what is this “work for a living”? “Children,” sheesh. What about priorities?

Okay okay okay okay okay. I admit, I’m lucky that I was able to do that. And get a lot of knitting done. And I NEEEEEEED those green gloves Michelle Obama was wearing while she held the Lincoln Bible while her husband was sworn in. Love. The gloves. Continue reading