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Heppi Helloveen?

Okay, there is so much I want to tell y’all, but this one has to be about Halloween. Such as it is. It’s not a lot.

Now, I loved Halloween as a kid. Kelly gets WAY into it, and I can totally sympathize, if I lived in the States, I would too. But Halloween has a history there. Here, it’s basically just a new excuse for selling crappy knick-knacks. Continue reading

Ignatz in Rome

This is a long post, sorry.

What to say? How to say it? Situations with Georg, the Best-Friend-In-Law (aka Ignatz’s godfather) tend to generate a lot of text, because there is SO much backstory, and things come on SO gradually, that by the time my head’s clear enough to write about it, I have significant ‘splaining to do. So here is a previous incident, if you’d like to get a feel for the sort of relationship we have. Continue reading


It’s blog-about-blogging time here at casa alala. Now, none of you have indicated any dissatisfaction with the (lack of) postage-frequency around here, but I’m dissatisfied. I’m really not sure why I do this, but I am sure that I don’t want to stop, whether via burnout or fadeaway. I know I don’t want to be a Writer™ (in the getting-paid-for-it sense), but I also know that I want to keep my writing-fu strong. I want to be able to discuss writing critically, but educatedly. Also, I use this blog occasionally to work out what I think about something, and lately I haven’t been thoughtful in writing because I haven’t been thoughtful in real life. Blogging is a lot like defragging, and I’m not doing it often enough, and as a consequence, my brain is too fragmented to hold onto a thought. So yeah. Every day, dammit!

Oh, and she doesn’t know it, but Catherine is the one who inspired me to do this.

Song du jour of the day: Eat It, by Weird Al Yankovic.

stuff and stuff

Well, hm. Ignatz had his first taekwondo test a couple Saturdays ago, and of course the Sniglet and I wanted to see that so we went along to the TKD school’s headquarters in Munich. The “test” turned out to be a master class with one of the school’s founders, followed by a tournament, and then everybody’s tests, and not just our local branch of the school, but also Munich and Rosenheim and… Landshut? Probably. Anyway, it took the whole day. But Ignatz got his yellow-white belt, hooray! We are very proud. Continue reading

Odd mood

Yeah, not writing a lot lately, huh? Melanie has handed me two terrific topics, and I glossed over one and answered the other one by email. In one paltry paragraph. I just can’t seem to think about anything for long enough to say something substantive about it.

It’s dark and wet and cold out, all the time, that may be part of it. Yesterday was the second anniversary of my mother’s death, that may also be a factor.

And in fact I am writing, just not here. Continue reading

Spoiler! Run Away!

Righty-o, if you haven’t read Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows yet – oh what am I saying? If you haven’t finished it by now, you’re probably not interested in Harry Potter anyway. Unless you’re my niece Phoebe, and you had to wait for both your brothers to finish the book before you could get your hands on it, in which case you’re still at Chapter 7 or so, and that is of course wholly understandable. So Phoebe? If you’re reading this, don’t read this. Continue reading

oh. mygod.

This is amazing, this is fan-freaking-tastic (sorry y’all, my niece reads this sometimes), no, more than that – it’s inspired. This is my awesome for the day. Seriously. You gotta see this.