first day homeschooling

Only partially homeschooling, though. I’m teaching the Sniglet English using British wourkbouks, labour flavour colour whatevour, and I’m teaching Ignatz Greek, using a Dutch textbook. That’s all. One subject per child. How hard can it be?

Pfft. Yeah, right. Nate says “homeschooling definitely teaches you how smart your kids are.” I say “homeschooling teaches you how much your kids hate you and everything you stand for.”

Okay that’s only partly fair. The Sniglet, who only has to learn a few different pronunciations for letters he already knows, howled blue murder. Ignatz, who has to learn a whole new alphabet, acted like a kid with a new secret decoder ring. He didn’t want me to know he was having fun, but he was. Hee hee.

Yep, the Snig is currently The Difficult Child. I guess it’s his turn or something, argh. I have an appointment with La Therapist next week – she was Ig’s therapist, and she can’t treat siblings, so the appointment is just to lay out the problem and ask her to refer me to a colleague. Of which there are none in OurTown, so we’re looking at yet another thing I drive a kid to every week. Yay the suburbs.

Song du jour of the day: Portugal goes Ethnic. I like these entries way better than the other thing they send to Eurovision, the tuneless shouty-pop stuff. Doesn’t really matter, though – no matter what they send, people don’t vote for them. Flor-de-Lis: Todas as ruas do amor.

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