I’ve been meaning to do this for ages. I’m not begging here, and if you weren’t going to send me stuff before, don’t send me this stuff, okay? But I have two fabulous step-mothers, the world’s greatest sister-in-law, and some very excellent friends who occasionally send me things, or forward stuff I’ve ordered from ebay or catalogs, and they usually ask if there’s anything else they can throw in the package, and I always say “yes! Only I can’t remember any of it now! Argh!” And then yesterday I was in the kitchen making chili and thinking “Doh! Jiffy corn muffin mix! Why didn’t I mention that the last twelve times anybody asked?” (Yes, I know you can make corn bread from scratch, but it requires corn flour that you can’t get here – the stuff they market as Maismehl, I have no idea what you’re supposed to do with that. Thickener for papier-maché?)

So, in no particular order, except as it wanders into my head:

  • Jiffy Corn Muffin Mix (or any kind, but that’s cheap. And I like saying “jiffy.”)
  • Minute Tapioca. For pies.
  • Graham crackers. Especially the cinnamon kind.
  • Cheerios for Ignatz, just the regular plain Cheerios. Can you believe they don’t have them here?
  • The instant flavored oatmeal in little packets.
  • Cold medicine that makes you sleepy, the green kind. Like Nyquil, only in gel-cap form? Yeah, that.
  • Germans apparently don’t believe in combining chocolate and mint, what is up with that? Except for After Eights, which are made by Nestle, bleah. So, you know, if there’s a bit of extra space, Junior Mints, or those hot cocoa packets with mint flavor, that sort of thing. Mint extract would also be nice, if it didn’t come in those little, breakable bottles…

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