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Cool things you learn

So I saw this video probably on Facebook because that’s where I see most things anyway this was a guy showing how to cut a pomegranate (and speaking Turkish! Which I was able to identify after only five weeks in my Turkish course yay me!)

And yesterday at Aldi they had pomegranates, so I had to buy one and try out this cool technique. I did it from memory rather than just watching the whole video, but it worked! Sort of. Well, not bad for a first try. 

And then I had to eat a whole pomegranate. 

I did get some pomegranate juice splitches* on my Turkish workbook, which I had up til then kept pristine for reasons I don’t actually understand. @Melanie: is this irony?

*Splitch: a very tiny splotch. It is too a word, I’m a linguist and I say so. 

Song du jour of the day: I looked for a pomegranate song, but didn’t find any I liked, so instead here’s Yuve Yuve Yu, by The HU. Not a big metal fan, even though it’s my sons’ favorite genre, but if more metal were like this, I’d be more into it. Wolf Totem’s pretty good too.