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This (actually not-that-)Old House

I really love drop caps. No idea why, just always have. And this one works for two paragraphs! Efficient!

don’t really know how this came about, maybe he’s planning on turfing us out soon, but our landlord, a very nice retired theology professor who now lives in Vienna, decided to re-do the gutters this fall. (“They really needed doing,” you will point out, noting the waterfall that inundates the balcony every time it rains. As a house-owner myself, I can tell you that that is true for at least five years before anything actually gets done. Hell, the house we bought in 2006 needed a new roof even then.) People came and put scaffolding up, which I am ignoring while Mr. Husband grouses. Apparently he doesn’t like watching people’s shins trudge past his window while he’s trying to work.

It’s been a month and a half, and the gutters are done, but the landlord thought that since the scaffolding was still up he might as well have the house re-painted too, why not. (That’s actually what made me think he wants to get rid of us. I’m not as offended by this as you might think. Ten rooms is too damn many and I am more than ready to move into something I can actually keep clean-ish. I know Robert won’t miss paying to heat this beast.)

Thing Two is indifferent to all of this. Fair enough, his room is in the roof, and the scaffolding doesn’t go up that high, so maybe it’s not bothering him, but a couple days ago we had some fairly strong winds and the scaffolding made all kinds of exciting noises, like a ship about to sink in a storm (I know this sound from moves, not from direct experience, I should probably add). I thought that would make an impression, but “What noise?” he said.
Me: Didn’t you hear all that groaning and creaking?
He: Yeah, but I thought it was you.

Now that’s thinking on your feet, kid. I was truly impressed. 

Song du jour of the day: Our House, by Madness. Not an accurate depiction of our actual house, but a kickin’ tune.