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Tunes for the Road

This is such a nifty little toy. We leave tonight, so I don’t have time to do more than a slapdash job, but here you go: seven songs du jour of the day for my absence (even though I’ll probably be gone longer than that).

[mixwit_mixtape wid=”9a70db9b033651b63349b1dcb2aaf872″ pid=”58a5c14d87160cb9824bece49ff4343b” un=”alala” width=”426″ height=”327″ center=”true”]

h/t Gone Dutch.

random fact about me

The first thing I remember wanting to be when I grew up was… a Pip. I saw Gladys Knight and the Pips on TV singing Midnight Train to Georgia, and they were so cool, with the ooo! and the moves. I remember thinking that that would be just the best job ever. I think I was about five.

Howbout you? What were your early ambitions?

well that was fun…

… and I generally don’t approve of bragging, but my first-grader totally called it. I will always vote for the song I like best, but if I ever bet on Eurovision, I’ll definitely ask him to pick the winner. Amusingly live-blogged here, by a Guardian columnist.

So, song du jour of the day: Dima Bilan’s Believe. I have to admit, the ice-skater was a nice touch.

P.S. Ignatz voted Azerbaijan, which did surprisingly well, given how weird it was. DrBob voted for Spain, and I liked about seven songs, but finally decided that Croatia needed my vote the most. Yes, we have four different phone numbers from which to call. What?


Very tired. Trip was fun. Post later.

Food: Chicken cacciatore. Brown chicken breasts in olive oil, set aside. Cook onion + garlic, add mushrooms. Put back chicken, add some tomato sauce, salt, and basil, simmer till done. Serve over noodles.

Song: Germany’s contribution, Disappear by No Angels. I think it’s blah, boring, completely forgettable. Sadly, songs like that win often, but Germany’s in no danger. People hardly ever vote for the Big 4 anymore.

Day 6: Sort of Swedish… meatballs, sort of

Sunday. Everybody’s home, and I try to make something June Cleaver-ish, involving multiple pots and pans. Swedish meatballs are easy, just make your usual meatballs, but instead of paprika and oregano or whatever you usually spice them with, add white pepper, nutmeg, and allspice. Unless, like me, you get everything started and then realize: that wasn’t allspice you bought for the Christmas cookies, it was cloves. Continue reading

brainmelt today…

… so I’m just going to go somewhere and stare at the wall.

Meanwhile, here’s my song du jour of the Ray: Continue reading

it’s that time of year again

Woo-hoo! The Eurovision semifinal is tomorrow night and I. Was. Right. Whatever you may think of monster-rocker Lordi‘s shock-horror victory last year (and I know at least two people who are boycotting Eurovision forever because of it), it has opened the contest to a wider variety of musical genres, and that can only be a good thing, because it will bring Eurovision to a wider audience (so boycott all you want, babe, Eurovision doesn’t care). Me, I don’t care for clubster music, but that doesn’t stop me recognizing that Bulgaria‘s contribution is pretty good for what it is. Ditto the rock anthem, though “pretty good” might be going a tad too far for Iceland‘s entry. And Israel‘s multilingual ska-punk nihilism? Teh awesome. Don’t worry, darlings, you won’t lose your crapfest – we’ll always have Poland – but there’ll be some good stuff too, and not just the guilty-pleasure good stuff. Continue reading

TIME for mixmania!

Two days late! How’s that for theme-appropriate? I should just pretend I did that on purpose, to get you thinking about the importance of time, viz. how annoying it is that I haven’t posted my songlist yet. But no, this blog is not for lying. I don’t tell you everything, but I don’t tell you anything that doesn’t at least seem true while I’m writing it.

So, time. For me it means change, whether personal or social, so it’s kind of about history, one way or another. That’s what I kept in mind while cutting my giant songlist down to the size of one CD. A lot of them turned out to be about hope or nostalgia or sorrow. Let’s see what we ended up with.
Continue reading

you are my sweetest downfall…

I bet you all already knew about her, but this is the first time I’ve ever heard her. Wow. I wish I could tell my mom about this.

Hat tip to Fred, yet another reason why he is teh awesome.

Song du jour of the day… oh. Right.

so excited about string

Samirah and ~d, if you’ve never seen someone get so excited about string, I must conclude that you don’t read a lot of knitblogs – and really, why should you? But for a knitter, the process is at least as important as the finished product, and we rhapsodize over and share information about the best stuff. This yarn is fantastic, it’s single-ply but the loft is great and it’s so soft! And springy! The colors are wonderful and the finished objects are lovely, but it’s also just such a joy to work with. It’s why we love knitting. Continue reading