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In which a therapist mysteriously happens to me

So, um. Wait, what? You know that bit in the Talking Heads song where he says “You may ask yourself: Well, how did I get here?” Yeah, I think I have that moment way more often than I want it.

I’m trying to reconstruct how I got into this situation (another thing that I do far too often, frankly). My Dutch doctor prescribed birth control pills to try to control my migraines, because we thought they might be a cyclical hormonal thing. They didn’t help, but they solved some other problems so I kept taking them. So far this all makes sense.

Then we moved back to Germany, and my German doctor referred me to a gynecologist to ask if the Pill was a reasonable response to chronic migraines. The gynecologist said that migraine patients with aura had a higher risk of stroke if they took the pill, and she took me off it and referred me to a neurologist. Then December happened, and I got too busy, but this week I used my health insurance’s Doctor-finder app to locate the neurologist nearest my house and it pointed me to a doctor in Ziegelhausen, across the river.

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Friday the 13th

I’ve never been superstitious about Fridays or 13s, so I wasn’t real concerned that my Novasure procedure was scheduled for that day, I was just looking forward to getting it over with. And actually, there are all kinds of ways it could have been worse, so I guess I’m still not superstitious, because the Stupid didn’t happen on the actual day, did it, that’s just when I found out about it.
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So far, so good


Well, the operation seems to have gone all right, though I also thought that at this stage after the last one. Another polyp, this one 1-2 cm in size, has been removed, and I am the somewhat unnerved owner of an IUD. You hear so many stories about them, and so few of the stories are happy ones.

Anyway. Still keeping fingers crossed. And look, I can see the Dom from my window!

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it gets better

On Wednesday the nurse said the gynecologist would call us the next morning, so at 10:30 I called her and said “he hasn’t called, you said he’d call, WHY HASN’T HE CALLED?” She assured me that DrBob’s number was on his to-do list, and DrBob headed off to work with his celephone. He called me a few hours later to say that I could go in on Monday and the doctor (the same gynecologist I’d already seen – that doesn’t happen often, I don’t think) would do an endoscopy (fancy talk for “a look around in there”), remove any polyps, and put in an IUD that should inhibit further polyp growth for at least a few weeks, and then we could schedule the ablation for next year. (Actually, while he was telling me this, the hospital called and told me the same thing. Good thing we have a lot of phones.) Continue reading

Arg. Bleh.

It seems I can do One Thing per day. Friday I did the shopping and made dinner, which sounds like two things but they’re so closely related that they only count as one. It worked. I felt triumphant, and totally let it go to my head.

On Saturday, I took the Sniglet to Taekwondo and sat dozing in a chair for 40 minutes before taking him home. THEN I got a wild hair and went to knitting – that’s right, I sat at a table in a cafe and knitted with other people. I know, crazy, right? Must have been, because immediately afterward I went home and slept for five hours. Continue reading

In which it gets icky

Apparently I have something Medical going on, and I’ve been posting cryptic status updates on Facebook – not because I want to be cryptic, but because I want to be brief. But people are getting all WTF on me, so here is the whole thing, except I still want to be brief so I keep editing out the editorializing.

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