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all I need

Today I went to a knitting group. That met in a library. With a café.

Knitting, books, and coffee. I really cannot imagine how this morning could have been better. Swooooon!

Song du jour of the day: It Must Be Love, by Madness.


Hiya kids, today’s post is over at the knitblog, though it’s not exclusively about knitting, and may still contain matters of interest to civilians. If not, well, sorry, but I spent about two hours photographing and uploading and writing (with occasional happy-dance breaks) for that post, and now I want to go watch TV.

Song du jour of the day: Strange Currencies, by R.E.M. I want to knit a hat like the hat Michael Stipe wears in this video.

travel, future tense

Ugh, sorry, I have so many posts floating around in my head, but I really really ran out of time. Leaving for Benediktbeuern tomorrow early, back Sunday (hopefully not too-)late, see you then!

Song du jour of the day: There’s No Such Place, by Augie March. My latest favorite.

bootie-call! hee hee

bootiesof course, it means something completely different when I say it. I finally managed to get a decent shot of the tulip-toes booties, though I haven’t blocked them yet. I’ll do that when I block the hat, which is still in progress and difficult to photograph.

Lilu is growing fast, a source of amusement for us when she tries to get away from us by hiding under something that she was small enough to fit under last week, but not anymore. fortressPerhaps I should add that she is not hiding from us because we are mean to her, but because we won’t let her go outside and she still really wants to. She now seems to have three settings – something between sound asleep and Tasmanian Devil on a Caffeine Jag – where she is reasonably alert but not a blur of movement. It’s a refreshing change. She is very cartoony, which is good because it means she fits well into this family.

No other news. I’ll keep you posted.

Song du jour of the day: The Prayer by Bloc Party

In which I blog about SQUEEEEEEE!

Hey there,

frecklegirl has invited you to Ravelry!

I-GOT-MY-INVITE-I-AM-SO-EXCITED-LOL!1!1! Continue reading

no pics for you!

I made these booties! Only they don’t look like that because, as I mentioned, I am constitutionally incapable of using someone else’s pattern as written. The booties I made are quite cute, even though they don’t exactly follow the pattern, but you can’t see them, because even though I’m a pretty good knitter, I’m a very bad photographer, with a very bad camera. It says “flash”, look there’s the little flashy-arrow-symbol right there on the damn screen, why isn’t it flashing? Piffle. My dad was a great photographer, but I guess those genes went to… um, my brother-in-law. Neat trick, that.

Speaking of my dad, today is his 60th birthday! And I’d be phoning him, if he hadn’t died 15 years ago. Well 14 1/2, but still, that’s such a long time! And it’s too bad, really, because he um, well, he had some problems that made him uh, maybe not the best dad ever. But he’d’ve been a terrific grandpa, and he never got the chance. I miss him most when I think about how much fun he would have had with his grandchildren.

Song du jour of the day: Time in a Bottle, by Jim Croce. Happy Birthday, Dad.

you can’t run from your knitting destiny

Okay, Arwen’s progress is being tracked on the Arwen KAL blog, and the latest photo is up on flickr, if you’re interested.

I finished the Caspian Sea Socks, as you may recall. They seemed a bit small, but it turns out my SIL has smaller feet than I do, so that should be okay, but there’s another hitch. She says they’re so beautiful she’s afraid to wear them. Sigh. Non-knitters. Continue reading

great. just great.

SILs Caspian Socks1We’re leaving for London today! In about two hours, actually, so I was quite pleased to kitchener shut the heel on the second sock today. I should steam-block them, but: 1) I don’t know how, and 2) I don’t have time, because the in-laws will be here in two hours to pick up the kids, and they can take the socks to her today! Otherwise she’d have to wait, all through this warm, sunny weekend, for her new double-thick wool socks… eh. Probably could wait, at that. But that’s not the main thing. The main thing is LOOK! AAUGH! I knitted them mostly at night, by lamplight, while watching Doctor Who on my computer, and it was only today, when I put them on and photographed them in natural light, that I saw: SILs Caspian Socks2 Remember I told you this was a de-stashing project? Well, one of the balls of red yarn I used is a slightly different shade of red than the others.




Er, maybe she won’t… notice?

Song du jour of the day: What’s Going On? by Marvin Gaye.

knitting update

Weird cognitive trap: as you may recall, my original Arwen yarn disappointed me, so I put the project on hold for awhile. I decided to use the rest of April to finish up a bunch of UFOs, and I did finish them all, so on May 1st I was able to cast on my next three projects, which I thought of as my May Knitting Projects, which somehow led me to the assumption that I’d get them all done within the month. Duh. Like that was ever going to happen.

Anyway, here they are, so far: Continue reading


Today I chopped a big hole in my workday to go on a yarn-crawl with Elemmaciltur, and met some really nice women. He has such great friends. It was a good day, and I was extremely virtuous: I didn’t buy any yarn! Erm, I did buy yet another circular needle. But I neeeeeeeeded it!

Ganked from Elemmaciltur, in lieu of writing a real post, here is my knitting-list:

bold‘ for stuff you’ve done, ‘italics‘ for stuff you plan to do one day, and ‘normal’ for stuff you’re not planning on doing. I would like to add signifiers for things I am currently doing and things that I might do, but plan is maybe too big a word. But I won’t add them, because I am lazy. Continue reading