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Tuesday the kids stayed home sick. Wednesday I called Ignatz in sick for another day because he wasn’t quite better enough, then I took the Sniglet to school and realized that it was my turn to be sick! So I fell into bed the minute I got home. I got up once to fetch him from school, then tanked again. Today, I took him to school, went to my Dutch class, zooped home to supervise the plumber installing a new bathroom sink (pictures when I get my act together, no really), zooped off to fetch the Sniglet, had a 1-hour parent-teacher chat, brought him home, made spaghetti sauce and lasagna, and am now realizing that actually? I wasn’t really better enough to do all that. And Pakjesavond is Saturday, and we have people visiting on Saturday, and besides, the mall will be wall-to-wall people so it really does all have to get done tomorrow, doesn’t it? Sinterklaas is visiting the Sniglet’s school, parents are invited to observe until 10 and then we have to pick them up at noon, which is why I have to skip Dutch class tomorrow, so that leaves me two hours to get presents for the kids and then Ig and I have to get a gift for DrBob, and Snig and I have to get a gift for DrBob, and nothing has been wrapped yet and oh God I don’t even want to think about it all, commence drooling into keyboard… now.

Song du jour of the day: I’m Only Sleeping, by the Beatles.

booklearnin’, feh.

ok, first let me just say – i’m a double major in history and literature. now, i have no idea what the hell dr.bob’s book is about and i read that paragraph about 8 times.

this could be the failings of the american public education system or it could be me not being very bright. i’ll let you decide.

It’s probably neither, just that you’re an undergrad, and if you stick with it through two Ph.Ds, as he did, it’ll come to make more sense. He writes a lot about the intersection of history and literature, so it’s quite interesting, if a bit too, um… arcane for most actual humans. There’s a heavy dollop of philosophy in there too, about how people’s perception of concepts like “self” and “agency” and “authority” have changed over the centuries, and why they changed. I don’t really understand everything he writes either, which makes proofing his stuff really, really… dense. I felt like my brain had been scrambled by the time I finished the dratted thing, and now? NOW he says he wants to have his next book finished before he leaves for Croatia. The week after next. It’s mostly written (his job), it just has to be tidied up (my job).


Anyway. I promise I will be less brain-fried soon, no really. I started two new knitting projects today, and revived my old blog, as promised, and re-wrote a pattern so I could link to it on Ravelry. Knitterati, bounce on over to for fiber content. The rest of y’all, stay here.

And I watched Flushed Away with the kids. We liked it. It was cute, and certain of us are a little too jazzed by just about anything Jean Reno does. We can’t help it. Le Frog was le fabulous.

Song (virus) du jour of the day: I Pathologize, by the Ark. Don’t know much about love and roses / but I know we’ve got compatible neuroses…

in which I ponder implications

Well they couldn’t reach him, so they called me to ask me to ask him to call them so they could offer him the job. When I did reach him he sounded a bit… flustered. I just picked him up from the airport, and I’m flustered too. Happy. Proud. Relieved. It was my decision to come back here to Germany, and I’ve wondered for, oh, nearly six years now if, in doing so, I had fatally sabotaged his career. He hasn’t accepted yet, he has until Wednesday to make a decision, but I will of course encourage him to take the job. Continue reading

well that was horrible

Grueling is a good word. Because academic texts don’t really flow, there’s all these parentheses and footnotes and quotes in foreign languages. At first I was able to take breaks but then I realized that I shouldn’t have taken so many, because it was 9pm and I still had 100 pages to go and so then I tried to plow through it and didn’t finish until 2am but still had to get up at 7 and blagh.

at least it’s over now!

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one timeless tradition, solidly botched

Happy French… thingy… Day! Okay, here’s the thing. I’m not the most social of beings, and neither is DrBob, and we got together and had kids whose favorite thing to do is hang out in their room and be left alone, just like us. So even as a family with two parents who work at least partly at home, we don’t get a lot of together-time. And we mostly like it that way, although every once in awhile I read yet another study indicating that too little parental attention makes kids grow up to be the guy climbing the water tower, with the rifle. Not the future I want for my kids, so occasionally I try to create some family tradition that we can all have fun with, and hang it on a holiday so that we’ll remember to do it more than once in a lifetime. Continue reading

my day

So I got up at seven and woke up one pokey child and one extremely grouchy one, and made breakfast and packed a lunch for the one who hates everything and made breakfast and gave some money to the one who is too tired in the morning to make my life hell, and then I sent one to school and took the other to school and then I came home and that was all the standing up I did today. Maybe 40 minutes. Continue reading

well, now

I tried to do that end-of-year meme-thing, where you put up the first sentence from the first post of every month of the past year? And I learned that 1) I used to be funnier than I am now, and 2) the first sentence of my posts doesn’t tell you anything useful. Or funny.

And I thought I’d do a sort of year-end retrospectacle, look back over what happened this year and all that. I used to do that when I kept a paper journal and actually wrote out my thoughts regularly – gad, did I ever have that much free time? But that was hampered by the fact that I can’t really remember anything that happened before July. Oh yes – the World Cup was in Germany, wasn’t it? That was kinda fun. And after that there was something about pneumonia, and we bought a house, and I got to meet my nieces and nephews. Was this a good year? Am I usually this clueless at the end of the year? Am I usually this clueless in general? Eh. Probably.

Anyway. Tomorrow is the last day of 2006. I’ll spend the morning cleaning the house because it’s Sunday, and then pick DrBob up from the airport. We’ll go to some friends’ house for dinner and Settlers of Catan, and fireworks and champagne (and fizzy juice for the kids) at midnight, and melt lead and drop it in cold water to tell our fortunes for the coming year, and the next time I see you it’ll be 2007!

So okay. Here’s to new beginnings. I wish you heaps of fun on the last day of 2006, a well-earned hangover for the first day of 2007, and all the best for the coming year.