I’m from a near-Seattle tourist town, married to a German academic, and we have two half-breed sons who appeared to have been raised by wolves . Over the last 20 years we’ve lived in Munich, Madison Wisconsin, a Bavarian “willage”, Utrecht, and now Heidelberg. I knit. I read. I travel when I can. I work, a little, for the University, and at some point getting my M.A. seemed like a good idea. That’s about it.

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  • james dore

    I am a former bookstore owner who would like to write about my book scouting trips on weekends.My area of special expertise is getting up early (ok-not that early) and seeing what fresh used /rare books have been laid out for me at our local flea market.I have been going to this particular market for the last 7 years and have found all sorts of strange things there.
    One of the strangest was a mimeographed ( 1945/6 era) book which was kind of a yearbook for displaced persons -mostly Eastern Europeans- awaiting passage to the USA. They were organized by nationality and were held in camps in the Netherlands before countries could be found to take them.
    I have found innumerable books signed by their authors-most of them quite justifiably obscure.Still they are a source of interest to me.
    Another thing I do know a great deal about is books about jazz.For some unknown reason, I was personally compelled to read many hundreds of books on jazz music.As a result,I am an excellent reviewer of jazz books -far better at reviewing jazz books than playing good chord/melody style jazz on the guitar.Another area of expertise is science fiction-an possibly outdated genre today.It’s almost like the western genre -going not so slowly out of existence.
    I’d like to post blogs on your site.What do I have to do?

  • Laume

    Hi – thanks for the comment (well, comments, I’m terribly, evilly bad about responding when there’s no e-mail link and I don’t know why blogspot won’t leave address links any more, they used to… but I digressssss), thanks for the comment. I don’t know if “because I should be blogging” is a bad reason. I didn’t really mean to not blog, just couldn’t work up the energy. Sort of the same as housework and art and just about anything. Usually 45% of the battle is getting started. Only 10% is the bulk of the project. The other 45% is finishing the damn thing. Is it just me?

  • Laume

    Oh, I was gonna add – maybe you can just e-mail me directly, then we’d have each other’s e-mails. You have mine? It looks like it, wordpress is better that way.

  • notablogger

    Thanks for the Dr. Horrible tip! Moving to Utrecht sounds exciting. Let me know if I can help with the Germany to Netherlands transition… Bring bread!

  • Deborah Pedersen

    Hey, there, A**a! It’s Deborah, formerly of Elevated Ice Cream Company. Bruce and I are leaving for Amsterdam on Thursday, July 5, for a two-week sojourn in NL and BE. We won’t have a phone, but Bruce bought a gizmo that will allow him to check email when we are in a wifi spot. You can write to me at mrbrucecowan@gmail.com
    I am definitely taking a break from email and phone while we are over there.
    Remember when I gave you that jean jacket? Lot of water under the bridge since then . . .

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