WTAF, Universe?

It has to be a coincidence, because he couldn’t have known, there is no way he could have done this on purpose, but still, the synchronicity is just way too much.

So you remember that he got a flat with the Whore in Bergheim, which is my favorite neighborhood and also the neighborhood where I work. And he didn’t tell me where it was because we both didn’t want me crying under his balcony at 4am. What I may or may not have mentioned is that ’round about June, someone figured out that there’s exposed asbestos in the building where I work, and we were moved to a different building about half a km away. And I asked him, via WhatsApp – not where he lived, just if it was anywhere near my new office because I didn’t want to have to worry about running into him, or even worse, Her.

It took him about three days to answer, and then he said “No.” That three days should have been a hint. And yesterday he “accidentally” told me his new address.

Look at it. LOOK at it.


Seminarzentrum D2 is where I work, and the red pointy-thing is where they live. A literal block away. 

Now, he could not have known about the asbestos, or that they would move the Editorial Office to D2, and the Heidelberg housing market is bad enough that no one can choose where they will live with that degree of precision, so there’s no way that he can be blamed for this, but still. This should not have been allowed to happen.

Come the fuck on, Universe. Now you’re just being mean for the hell of it.  

One response to “WTAF, Universe?

  • Girl, Inappropriate (@akaMonty)

    Well THIS is certainly kind of a suckfest at the moment.
    HOWEVER, the best revenge is to let him see you living your best life and when he is wallowing in misery because Whorebait is cheating on HIM with someone, you will be mo much more healed and joyful and relieved and free and HAPPY AS FUCK. #Goals, sista. Maybe the universe is gearing up to put THEM in a spin and not you. :) xoxoxox
    Besides, you’re strong enough to see your way through this anyway and no one has a single doubt about THAT.

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