A possible future

In the previous entry I mentioned that I went to Bavaria with Thing Two and that was another story, so here that is. My fledgling has left the nest – he’s going to do a volunteer gap year thing, and he’s staying with my mother-in-law until he gets settled into the volunteer gig enough to look for his own place.

Seeing my MIL was weird. That’s probably enough said about that.

I stayed with a friend in the town where we used to live; she was my neighbor when I lived there, and she now has a super amazing and beautiful brand new house where I spent two days venting and slurping up tea and sympathy.

And advice! She pointed out that I can go anywhere and I mentioned that I need to find work, and she said there’s work right here in town: she had a business teaching English and she was swamped. Had to give it up because it kept her too busy. It might take awhile to build up to making a living, but the demand is there. She also made some smart observations about the house that we own – for instance, that the rent our tenants pay is just about what I would have paid for that apartment in Heidelberg, so why not just pay the €900+ to live in MY house, which I love and miss living in?


So, yeah. I have a house. I could start a business (NO idea how to do that, but I’m learning how to ask people for help), and – this is crucial – I could leave Heidelberg. Because at this point I am literally afraid to go to work because I know he and his whore are living near my office and I don’t want to run into either of them. Yes it really is that bad. This is a small town and you can’t avoid people forever, or even for very long. And me learning to just fucking deal is frankly not on the horizon: I already had a minor meltdown when I found out he took her to meet his mother this week. I would love not to be this crazy, but I am.

I shouldn’t make any hasty decisions. Also, the tenants are legally entitled to nine months’ notice, so I couldn’t do it before next May anyway. But I am really and seriously thinking about it.

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